Answering Queen Creek's Commonly Asked Scorpion Questions

scorpion on the dessert floor

Most people know that scorpions in Queen Creek are dangerous. However, there are still a lot of mysteries surrounding these intimidating insects. To make sure you know what you're dealing with, learn the answer to these commonly asked scorpion questions.

What Does A Scorpion In Your House Mean?

If you find a scorpion in your house, you might react in one of several ways. Some people believe that scorpions are good luck. Others think of the sighting as a sign to flush out the old and bring in the new. But whatever you may believe, there's one thing you should know - you have a problem.

If a scorpion is in your home, it's there for a reason. There could be other pests taking over your home and the scorpion is following the prey inside. Furthermore, the sighting is a sign that you have a weakness somewhere on your property. You have a hole or gap big enough for a scorpion to enter. In any case, a scorpion sighting isn't a good thing. It's an indication that you should call a pest control professional. You might need help eliminating other pests or sealing up your home.

How Poisonous Are Scorpions?

Although there are some deadly scorpions in other countries, the United States isn't home to many dangerous scorpions. In fact, Arizona doesn't have any scorpions that are likely to kill a human. Some individuals have allergic reactions to scorpion venom, but those reactions are rare. For the most part, scorpion stings aren't fatal.

With that said, scorpion stings are painful. They can hurt for days after the sting and result in swelling and pain. If you are stung by a scorpion, you should consult with a medical professional. They can advise you on proper treatment and help you minimize the pain.

How Do You Keep Scorpions Out Of Your House?

Even if you're not afraid of scorpions, you probably don't want them in your Queen Creek home. A few simple prevention tips can make your property less appealing to scorpions, which means you may not ever need to feel the pain of a scorpion sting.

One of the first things you should do is clear yard debris. If you have piles of stones, leaves, or any other debris, clean them up. Scorpions often hang out under debris piles during the day and come out to hunt at night.

It's also useful for you to seal up your home. If you notice any crevices, gaps, or cracks, seal them up as well as possible. Otherwise, it may be easy for scorpions to get inside your home. While you're at it, address any moisture issues. This could mean installing a vent fan or dehumidifier or hiring a plumber to fix leaks around your home or yard.

Finally, you should make sure other pests stay away. To accomplish this, keep your food and trash stored properly. Maintain a clean home and work with a Queen Creek pest control professional for all of your pest control needs.

What Is The Best Scorpion Killer?

If you head to a hardware store, you might find a few products dedicated to killing scorpions. But there's no guarantee those products will work. In fact, you can probably bet that your money will be wasted. You may still have issues with scorpions.

Instead of spending money on solutions that don't work, use a tried and tested method of scorpion control. Work with us at Quell Pest Control, and you can trust that scorpions will be eliminated. Our ongoing pest control programs keep you safe from scorpions and other pests. Rather than wait to learn more, give us a call now.