What Smells Will Keep Mosquitoes Away In Queen Creek?


Mosquito prevention is no easy task in Queen Creek. Oftentimes, the conditions are ideal for mosquitoes. If you don’t want these pests buzzing around you and your guests, you need to take measures to make sure they stay away. This means knowing what smells will keep mosquitoes away from your property.

The Issues With Mosquitoes In Queen Creek

If you live in Queen Creek, you’re probably no stranger to mosquitoes. They tend to plague homeowners and cause a host of problems. When these pests bite humans, they have the potential to spread deadly diseases. Even if a mosquito doesn’t make you sick, it could cause serious discomfort.

The swelling and itching of a mosquito bite isn’t something you probably enjoy. It could keep you from sleeping at night or focusing on work. And the more mosquito bites you have, the worse things will become. It’s in your best interest to keep mosquitoes far away from your home. Unfortunately, these blood-hungry pests are hard to deter. If you have stagnant water, high humidity, or people in your backyard, you could have mosquitoes. It’s up to you to employ certain measures to keep these pests from remaining on your property.

Using Scents To Keep Mosquitoes Away

Some people have no issue with using toxic mosquito repellents to keep away pests. However, other people prefer a more gentle approach. If you don’t want to need to douse yourself in DEET or use a potentially harmful store-bought spray on mosquitoes, you may opt for a natural approach.

There is some argument about the effectiveness of natural mosquito repellents. Although there is some evidence that essential oils and other natural approaches work to control mosquitoes, nothing is set in stone. With that said, enough studies have been done to prove that some scents are more effective than others when it comes to keeping mosquitoes away. For instance, these Queen Creek pests seem to hate citronella. You can use the citronella plant or an essential oil, and be fairly certain that mosquitoes will stay away. Other effective scents include lemongrass, tea tree, and lavender.

How To Use Essential Oils

If you choose to use essential oils to keep away mosquitoes, proceed with caution. There is a right and a wrong way to apply essential oils, and direct contact with your skin is never a good idea. When applying essential oils, be sure to use a carrier oil or water. Always read the directions and do your research before deciding to use an essential oil.

Even though your essential oil might be somewhat effective, there’s no guarantee that it will be 100% effective against mosquitoes. You probably can’t cover your entire body in essential oil, and plants only cover so much space in your yard. Although your use of scents may limit mosquitoes, it won’t give you complete protection.

More Effective Forms Of Mosquito Control

On your own, you can’t fight mosquitoes. Sure, you can try to dry up your Queen Creek yard and keep your outdoor living areas screened in. But your attempts at mosquito control won’t protect you. For the best results, you need the help of an experienced pest control professional.

Here at Quell Pest Control, our team knows how difficult it can be to deal with mosquitoes. We don’t want you to be alone in your attempt to get a mosquito-free backyard. Rather, we want to make your Queen Creek property a safe place to be. You can rely on our ongoing mosquito prevention to keep you and everyone on your property safe. If you’re ready to take the next step, contact us now for pest control in Queen Creek.