Five Simple Scorpion Control Tips For Queen Creek Properties


A lot of people are more scared of scorpions than any other pest. They have very menacing looks. Some are about the size of a human hand. Dimensions notwithstanding, the big and pointy claws they have are enough to frighten anyone. On top of that, the creatures have stingers that contain incalculable amounts of venom.

Many Americans don’t ever have to worry about coming across a scorpion, but Queen Creek home and business owners must be prepared for an encounter. Dry weather is especially attractive to these critters. You’ll be able to decrease the chances of a scorpion intrusion with these five prevention tips. Included are details about a local species and what Quell Pest Control can do to help you manage these creepy pests.

Tip #1: Prioritize Caring For Your Lawn

Yardwork is never fun. It’s a tedious and time-consuming task that’s even more unbearable in warm weather. However, it’s a must if you want to discourage scorpions, who favor the outdoors. They love to be in shady zones, where they can hide beneath organic matter, rocks, and logs.

At nightfall, they will be on the prowl for insects, lizards, and rodents. Cutting the grass and trimming the greenery regularly is essential. Get rid of debris and distance piles of wood from the property by two feet. The same goes for rocks and plants too. Scan flowers, boxes, outdoor furniture, and logs before using them.

When the climate isn’t dry enough and the food supply is low, scorpions will penetrate human dwellings. Holes around foundations, windows, doors, and utilities will be their entry points. They tend to settle in dark spots, like basements, garages, cabinet undercarriages, and shoes.

Arizona bark scorpions are pervasive in the region. Three primary facts about them are:

  • They have tan or light brown bodies and sometimes have darker accents. 
  • Among their features are two claws, a curled tail with a stinger, and eight legs.
  • Seeing one during the day is a verification of an infestation because they are nocturnal.

Tip #2: Have Consistent Pest Remediation

Considering what scorpions consume, you have to do all you can to reduce the populations of other insects and creatures on your land. Professional interventions are the answer.

Tip #3: Get Repairs Done

Unless you want your domicile or establishment to be inviting to scorpions, structural and utility gaps cannot remain. Have these sealed? A few crevices and cracks can be closed with caulk.

Tip #4: Regulate Moisture & Warmth

Scorpions may not need food for months, but water is crucial for their survival. Don’t let leaks, plumbing complications, or similar moisture dysfunctions go unattended. Get them fixed as soon as possible. Use your air conditioner or a dehumidifier to keep things cool. These pests love mugginess.

Tip #5: Reach Out To Quell Pest Control For Assistance With Scorpions

If the worst happens and you’re stung by a scorpion, anticipate significant pain. The site will be itchy and red. It will also become swollen and feel numb. One’s health status and age influence the extent of related complications. Individuals with venom allergies are likely to vomit or have breathing difficulties. Children and the elderly are prone to heightened symptoms. Fatalities are rare, but be sure to seek medical attention.

Our experienced technicians at Quell Pest Control will search for and locate scorpion hubs and vulnerabilities. They will employ industrial-grade scorpion control solutions designed to address infestations. Protective barriers will be put in place. All of our treatments are eco-friendly and safe for humans, domestic animals, and vegetation. When you call or email us today, you’ll be offered a free, no-obligation inspection. Partner with Quell Pest Control for quality pest solutions in Queen Creek!