Scorpions In Dallas: What You Ought To Know

scorpion on wood

Scorpions are common pests that plague Arizona and its surrounding states in the Southwest United States. There are many different kinds of scorpions; it's believed that there are approximately 1,200 scorpion species found across the world, with about 70 types of scorpions in the United States. Among those species, Arizona scorpions are some of the most dangerous scorpions that you can encounter, like the Arizona bark scorpion. If you need pest control in Dallas for scorpion prevention or removal, call Quell Pest Control for quality services you can rely upon.

The Habits And Behaviors Of Scorpions

Here is some important information, which includes the habits, behaviors, and other facts all about scorpions.

Scorpions are considered to be nocturnal pests, meaning that they are usually hiding or asleep during the day and are most active at night. You will usually see scorpions eating insects like crickets, spiders, and cockroaches. Scorpions prefer to live in dry climates, including deserts and semi-arid regions. 

Multiple species of scorpions dig burrows underground in the soil to protect themselves and hide under rocks, logs, and similar types of debris. As the weather gets hotter, scorpions will start invading Dallas homes to hide in dark, moist areas like crawl spaces and attics. Scorpions are also highly resilient pests. They can survive for months without food as long as they have access to water.

The Issues Scorpions Around Your Home Can Create

Although most Dallas homeowners are aware that scorpions are nuisance pests, many do not know of the different types of issues that scorpions create. Here are just a few problems that you can expect to see if scorpions are in or around your home:

  • Scorpions sting humans, which can leave you with burning, pain, and swelling.
  • These pests negatively affect the value of your property after disclosing an infestation.
  • Arizona bark scorpions can kill humans with their stings.         
  • Infestations can appear in unexpected places, like inside your home's light fixtures.

Professional pest control can help you remove scorpions and undo any damage they've caused. 

Five No-Sweat Scorpion Prevention Tips For Your House

Before contacting an expert to help you get rid of scorpions, you may want to try to implement preventive tips to reduce the number of scorpions that are attracted to your home. Here are five easy scorpion prevention tips for your Dallas home:

  1. Remove any harborage around your home like piles of wood, debris, trash, leaves, and so on.
  2. Seal cracks and crevices to eliminate potential entry points into your home.
  3. Remove any sources of still or standing water.
  4. Remove other insects (cockroaches, crickets, and spiders) from your home to eliminate the scorpion's source of food.
  5. Store items like firewood a minimum of 20 feet away from home and five inches up off the ground. 

These tips can help you minimize an existing scorpion problem or help you prevent scorpions from being attracted to your home.

The Best Way To Remove Scorpions From Your Property

The best way to remove scorpions from your Dallas home, without a doubt, is to leave the hard work to the experts and give us a call at Quell Pest Control. Here at Quell Pest Control, we don't stop working until every customer is satisfied and every home is pest-free, the way it should be! We are a local pest control company that is family-operated, which makes us treat all of our customers like family. We strive to provide eco-friendly pest control options for Dallas homes and we only use the finest methods with premium products. We even provide free estimates or inspections to those who qualify. If you need pest control to deter or remove scorpions, give our team a call to find out more.