Ant Control 101: A Practical Guide For Queen Creek Homeowners

ants crawling on plate

Queen Creek pest control is very involved and challenging. We share our lovely area with a number of nuisance pests, such as rodents and insects. We’re not alone, though. All over the world, people have to cohabitate with some not-so-friendly wildlife.

Chief among them, in our area and beyond, are ants. Capable of colonizing virtually any environment, ants are at the top of the list of troublesome pests for homeowners. Many ants are relatively harmless in that they don’t prey on us directly, but they pose a number of indirect threats that cannot be ignored by homeowners, property owners, and everyone in between.

We’ve put together a guide on ants in the area, as well as steps to take to secure your home from these unwanted invaders. These ant prevention tips will go a long way!

Types Of Ants Common To The Area

There are a number of ant species common to the area. Some are far more bothersome than others. Here are some of the usual suspects:

  • Pavement ants
  • Odorous house ants
  • Crazy ants
  • Pharaoh ants
  • Acrobat ants

While this variety of ants may seem intimidating, there’s no real reason to fear. All you have to do is be on the lookout for the signs of an infestation. If you pick up on those, we’ll do the rest.

An Ant Infestation Can Be Very Problematic For Homeowners

Effective ant control comes down to early detection and early action. If you’re able to act quickly after detecting the presence of ants, you’ll significantly increase your odds of being able to eradicate them entirely.

No ants are a welcome sight on our properties, remember. While they play a vital ecological role, they do so to the detriment of your home. A full-blown infestation of ants could easily get out of hand before you know it, posing unique challenges that only a professional will be able to mitigate.

Five Naturally Effective Ant Prevention Tips

Ant control for homeowners boils down to a few simple principles. Practicing good home cleanliness and lawn care procedures will go a long way in keeping ants away from your property. They’re like us, after all, in that they only want food and shelter. Here are some tips to deny them those very things:

  • Clean up free-standing water sources.
  • Don’t let food sit out, and make sure it’s sealed properly.
  • Make sure trash is taken out regularly.
  • Store trash far away from your home’s boundary.
  • Wipe up spills immediately: they may not seem big, but ants can detect them from very, very far away!

Our homes can be ideal sources for both, especially if we’re not cautious. Ants reproduce so quickly, too, that their numbers can become virtually limitless. Ant control in your house is important, but not unique to any other goals you might have. Keep the property clean and free of readily-available food sources, and you’re doing better than most.

The Secret Weapon To Total Ant Control For Queen Creek Homes

If you want to know how to get rid of ants, it’s actually a simple procedure: reach for your phone! Ants are some of the most efficient and durable colonizers in nature, so only a professional home pest control solution stands a chance of eliminating them once and for all.

A lot of our customers ask us, “How long do ants live?” We tell them, “Until you call us!” There’s simply no waiting these pests out. Once they’ve taken hold, they won’t willingly let go. Quell Pest Control knows how to help you retake your home once and for all.