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Tolleson, AZ Pest Control

Effective Pest Management In Tolleson, AZ

Located just minutes from the center of Phoenix, the small city of Tolleson is a highly desirable suburb that is equal parts commercial and residential. With locally-owned businesses sprinkled throughout the distinct neighborhoods, the area also offers close access to Estrella Mountain National Park and other outdoor recreation. This part of Arizona experiences steady, dry warmth all year long, with its peak over the summer months, making time spent outdoors all the more enjoyable and readily available. That said, it also attracts a series of area-specific pests like venomous snakes and scorpions. Luckily, there’s an answer.

Quell Pest Control is a family-owned and operated local business dedicated to providing homeowners of Tolleson with eco-friendly pest control solutions that they can count on. We utilize Integrated Pest Management methods to ensure that our clients receive the gold standard in pest control that yields safe and effective results. Contact us today for your free inspection and get started on the road to living pest-free. 

Residential Pest Control In Tolleson, AZ

As a family-owned local business, we believe in treating every client as if they were our own family. That’s why we offer solution-oriented pest control that is comprehensive and sustainable.

Utilizing Integrated Pest Management, we are dedicated to ensuring that our clients receive the highest quality eco-friendly pest control treatments.

We believe in ongoing education and always offering the best home pest control services available. And whether you’re in a moment of crisis or are looking for proactive care, you’ll find your entire experience with Quell Pest Control to be seamless.

Not only are our technicians highly trained but our customer support is unparalleled. So contact us today for your free, no-obligation inspection and keep your home pest-free 365 days a year.

Why House Spiders Are Common House Pests In Tolleson

Spiders are things of nightmares, with their creepy, crawling movements, spindly legs, and reputation for being dangerous (though few are). Spiders make their way inside your Tolleson property primarily through cracks and crevices in your structure as they seek out water, shelter, and food. That said, the primary reason why house spiders stick around is for the food and water. If you have a leaky faucet or pipe somewhere, they’ll find it.

But even more precise is their ability to locate a food source, which consists of other pests. So if there is a notable population of house spiders on your property, it implies that you have at least one other pest infestation loitering around. If the food source dries up, spiders have little reason to hang around. For all of your spider and pest control needs, contact the pros at Quell Pest Control today. 

What Tolleson Property Owners Ought To Know About Mosquito Control

According to the World Health Organization, mosquitoes are the deadliest animals in the world, due to the deadly viruses and diseases they spread. They’re out and about in Tolleson between the months of April and October, with the peak of their season falling over the summer months.

Here are a few things that property owners should know about controlling mosquito populations on their property:

  • Humans attract mosquitoes in many ways. Everything from your blood type to scented clothing detergent to sweating to drinking alcohol have the ability to attract mosquitoes. They require your blood in order to mate and lay eggs. 
  • Mosquitoes seek stale water. After mosquitoes have feasted off of your blood, they seek areas of stagnant water like kiddie pools, bird baths, longstanding puddles, and your pet’s water bowls to lay their eggs. 
  • There are certain scents that mosquitoes detest. Essential oil scents like peppermint, lemon eucalyptus, citronella, and tea tree oil are all disgusting to mosquitoes but may prove helpful in repelling them naturally. 

For mosquito control that you can count on, contact the professionals at Quell Pest Control today.

Are Ants Around My Tolleson Property Dangerous?

While ants are America’s #1 nuisance pest, many of them are not considered dangerous to humans. That said, there are a handful of ants that you may encounter on your Tolleson property that do pose a health risk to humans. Those species are:

  • Red fire ants - These small red ants are the most dangerous type because they sting as a group with little to no provocation by humans.  
  • Carpenter ants - While they don’t pose a health risk per se, carpenter ants are considered a dangerous variety because of the structural damage they cause to your home. With their nibbling, carpenter ants can actually cause the walls in your home to become unstable or collapse. 
  • Pavement ants - Most easily identifiable because they invade outdoor areas with pavement, this species of ant will sting humans and leave behind a result that is painful and uncomfortable. 
  • Pharaoh ants - Known primarily for invading wood products, the Pharaoh ant does sometimes bite humans, spreading dangerous pathogens like Clostridium. 

For all of your ant control needs, contact the team at Quell Pest Control today. 

Tolleson's Step-By-Step Cockroach Control Guide

Cockroaches can be a pervasive pest for Tolleson homeowners. When they enter homes, they bring with them pathogens like E. coli, salmonella, and streptococcus. In order to keep roaches out of your home, try these tips:

  1. The first step to take is to examine your foundation and fill any crevices and gaps with materials like weather stripping and caulk. Individuals should pay special attention to the areas around doors, basements, and downspouts. 
  2. Next, tend to food and the way you store it. Cockroaches are very attracted to food in any state, so always keep food and grain-related pantry items like cereal stored in locking containers. It’s also important to dispose of any rotten foods, particularly those that are left uncovered. 
  3. While hygiene is not the only factor that attracts cockroaches, it is linked to their presence. Always use garbage bins with a lid, take out the trash frequently, clean up after spills thoroughly, don’t let the dishes pile up, clear all clutter, and limit the number of places where you eat. 
  4. Cockroaches can only live for up to a week without water, so be on the lookout for leaky gutters, downspouts, faucets, pipes, and fixtures remedying them when they occur. 

Due to the persistent nature of cockroaches, it’s important to seek professional cockroach control when these issues arise. For the most trusted protection from these pests, contact Quell Pest Control today.

How To Treat For Wasps Near Tolleson

Wasps are one of the most aggressive and territorial pests that Tolleson residents may face on their property. Wasps look for conducive conditions in order to build their nests, and once they’ve taken up shelter on your property, they’re unlikely to leave. Things like fallen fruit from trees, individuals wearing sweet perfume, and an abundance of food and uncovered trash can all attract wasps to your yard. If they perceive a threat, wasps are very likely to attack and sting, which can have serious health implications.

It’s ill-advised for Tolleson homeowners to try to remove wasps on their own because of the dangers that they pose. The safest, most effective way to remove wasps from your property is with professional wasp control from Quell Pest Control. Our skilled and knowledgeable technicians are experts in the complete removal of wasp nests and will utilize Integrated Pest Management methods in order to keep them from returning. When you partner with us for wasp control, we will treat your property on a quarterly basis and monitor it closely for any signs of further issues. To protect your household from the dangers that wasps pose, contact us today.

Should Tolleson Homeowners Be Worried About Scorpions?

With their oversized pincers and clattering movements, the scorpions in Tolleson are unlike any other pests that residents may come across. Some scorpion species are not dangerous to your health; however, there are several species in the area that are. Regardless of the potency of their stings, some individuals may still experience allergic reactions that can range from mild to very severe. The Arizona bark scorpion is one of the area’s most dangerous pests, with its venomous nature. If you are attacked by one of these pests, it’s recommended that you seek immediate medical attention.

In order to protect residents from these pests, Quell Pest Control provides scorpion control that you can trust. We always begin with a detailed inspection of your property to gain the necessary information about your infestation. With treatments and services that are informed by Integrated Pest Management, we work to safely remove scorpion problems and prevent them from returning. To learn more about protecting your home from these pests, contact us today about scorpion control that works.

The Trick To Total Rodent Control For Your Tolleson Home

Rodents can be a year-round problem for Tolleson homes; however, when temperatures cool down, rodents are more likely to start seeking shelter and warmth. While they're living in your home, rodents are also looking for food and water. They'll dig through your trash in order to find the sustenance that they require, but they'll also eat off of your counter. In this process, rodents leave behind fecal matter that leads to illnesses like hantavirus and asthma attacks. Once rodent problems have developed, they can be very difficult to get rid of because of their rapid reproductive habits and ability to live out of sight from humans.

At Quell Pest Control, we work with Tolleson homeowners in order to keep their homes free from rodents and the risks they pose throughout the year. Our rodent control methods follow strict Integrated Pest Management guidelines, so we focus both on removal of your current issue and the prevention of future ones. To learn more about rodent control that works for your home, contact us today