Surprise, AZ Pest Control

Surprise, AZ Pest Control

Quality Pest Control In Surprise, AZ

With a name like Surprise, AZ, the people of this booming Phoenix suburb have come to expect the unexpected. This town grew over the course of twenty years when the modest population of 30,000 people rose 281%. Today, Surprise is best known for its massive aquatics center, huge local library, and many historical reserves. 

Unfortunately, there are a few less-fun 'surprises' native to this Arizona town. One of the most obvious and regular of these surprises include pests and their many harmful effects. Roach species, scorpions, venomous spiders, and many other animals all make their home in the suburbs of this big city. Therefore, homeowners need to be aware of pests and their activity around Surprise or risk an unpleasant infestation in the future. 

No two homes around Surprise, AZ, are the same and all require different levels of pest control, treatment, and inspection. In order to protect their homes with the best possible pest control, Surprise residents trust the team at Quell Pest Control with all their vermin-related concerns. Submit an online contact form to start building a plan just for you.

Home Pest Control In Surprise, AZ

There are over 12,000 individual households around the Surprise, AZ area, all of which require safe, concise, and effective pest control efforts. Quell Pest Control offers simple and affordable plans for all homeowners in the area and exterminates pests of all types, sizes, and species.

Why choose Quell Pest Control for your residential pest management? We provide:

  • Safe and eco-friendly alternatives to harmful chemicals. These keep people, pets, and property as healthy as possible. 
  • Pest control plans uniquely tailored to every household. No two programs are ever exactly the same. 
  • Exclusionary techniques that allow us to exterminate pressing home pest problems in Surprise within a few short visits. 

Get plugged into the Quell Pest Control service roster by calling our Surprise, AZ branch. We can't wait to start working on a residential pest control plan just for you.

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Four Tricks To Prevent Cockroach Infestations In Surprise

The prevalence of cockroach infestations in Surprise, Arizona, is much higher than most homeowners think. These insects are easily some of the filthiest pests to invade residential homes and are known for contaminating packaged food, water sources, and food prep surfaces. In order to help combat cockroaches effectively, homeowners can follow these helpful tips and tricks:

  1. Do what you can to store food items in their proper containers.
  2. Wrap up all garbage in plastic bags. Store these in airtight containers until removed from the property completely.
  3. Have any leaky pipes or clogged drains around the house repaired by a professional. Any other pools of stagnant water should be dried up or addressed immediately.
  4. Use a set of desiccant bags or a dehumidifier to reduce air moisture inside the home.

If you are still concerned about the possibility of cockroach infestations near your Surprise, AZ home, reach out to the team at Quell Pest Control. We've got everything it takes to make your home safe and secure – call today!

Scorpion Control: What Residents In Surprise Need To Know

Surprise, AZ, Is home to many unique types of pests, including the mysterious scorpion. Classified as arachnids, scorpions are eight-legged pests with very identifiable curved tails and sharp stingers. These pests rarely choose to infest in high numbers, but their proper control and prevention are still paramount to your safety.

Here are a few things to keep in mind about controlling scorpions around your Surprise, AZ home:

  • Reduce the number of scorpions around your house by trimming the grass, cutting back all bushes, and otherwise clearing away greenery from the sides of the house.
  • Frequently dust, sweep, or air out dark spaces, including basements, garages, and storage sheds.
  • If you do sight a scorpion on your property, do not attempt to approach it. Instead, reach out to the team at Quell Pest Control for help.
  • Use our primary contact number to request scorpion control for your Surprise, AZ property.
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