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As the nation’s premier adult golf community Sun City West has everything an active adult could want from beautiful, well-maintained golf courses, to over 100 chartered clubs, a movie theater, and countless other activities. Residents love living in Sun City West. Unfortunately they aren’t alone. With the amazing weather Sun City West offers, pests are always a concern.

Quell Pest Control is here to make sure Sun City West’s pests don’t threaten your home or family. We are a locally-owned, family-operated pest control business that strives to put customers first. Your satisfaction is always our number one priority.

Home Pest Control In Sun City West, AZ

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When you get home from a long day at work, the last thing you want to deal with is a pest problem. At Quell Pest Control, we take pride in making sure our friends and neighbors are protected from the pests that call our area home.

Starting with a thorough inspection of your home and property, we will build a residential pest control plan to fit your needs and situation. This includes using environmentally friendly chemicals that are safe for your whole family, including pets.

Call us today and let us keep your home safe from pests.

Scorpion Prevention In Sun City West, AZ

No one wants to wake up to a scorpion in their Sun City West home. To keep scorpions out of your home and away from your property it’s important to both eliminate factors that could attract them as well as limit potential entry points. To do this try the following techniques:

  • Eliminate standing water in and around your property.

  • Scorpions feed on other insects. Limit scorpions by eliminating their pest prey by keeping kitchens clean and turning off outdoor lighting at night.

  • Seal cracks and crevices in the exterior of your home paying close attention to the areas around doors and windows.

  • Limit brush and debris build up around your home.

For the best protection against scorpions in Sun City West, contact Quell Pest Control.

What’s The Best Way To Get Rid Of Spiders In Sun City West Homes?

Whether it’s because of scary movies, old stereotypes, or creepy Halloween decorations, spiders are one of Americans' biggest fears. The good news is that most spider species are nuisance pests and not the terror that they are made out to be. While there are some spiders to be concerned about, a majority of them won’t bite and want to be left alone.

Even if they aren’t as scary as you thought they were, you still don’t want spiders in your house. Here are some things you can do to keep spiders out of your home:

  • Keep less-used rooms like basements, attics, and garages clean. Spiders are attracted to clutter and they will use boxes, shoes, and clothing to make nests.

  • Seal your home. Spiders will look for any small crack to gain access. Make sure all your window screens are rip-free and tightly installed, seal cracks and crevices in your walls and foundation, and make sure any openings like chimneys are covered with screens.

  • Check items before you bring them in your home. Pay particular attention to lawn decorations that have been out seasonally, grocery bags, and any boxes that have been left outside.

If you are dealing with a spider infestation, call us today. One of our technicians can diagnose the root of your problem and develop a treatment plan to keep your home spider-free.

How To Stop An Ant Infestation Before It Starts In Sun City West, AZ

Ants are a small pest that can cause big problems for homeowners. They can take over your kitchen, make your yard unusable, and leave you covered in itchy red welts. Once they're around, it can be hard to get rid of them. The best way to solve an ant problem around your home is to prevent it from happening in the first place.

Follow these tips to keep ants away from your home:

  • Clean up spills quickly.

  • Avoid leaving crumbs out on counters, tables, and floors.

  • Keep your pet’s dishes clean and store pet food in sealed containers.

  • Seal cracks around your home with silicone caulk.

  • Repair screens and gaps in windows.

  • Look for and replace loose mortar and worn weatherstripping around basements and foundation.

  • Keep trees, bushes, and shrubs away from the outside of your home.

Contact us immediately if you are facing an ant infestation. We can take care of it quickly and get to the root of the problem, making sure you and your family can live ant-free all year.

Sun City West's Most Common Cockroaches

As cockroaches are a very common pest problem for Sun City West's homeowners and business owners, it's important to know how to identify the cockroaches in the area. Some of the most common species that you're likely to encounter:

  1. German cockroach. The most common species across the country, the German cockroach can be spotted by its metallic light brown exterior and prominent antennae. They are most commonly found in the kitchen or bathrooms. 

  2. Brown-banded cockroach. Almost translucent reddish-brown in coloring, the brown-banded cockroach also is also very clearly marked with brown stripes on its head. They are also one of the smallest cockroaches around.

  3. American cockroach. With a set of upright antennae, yellow bands on their heads, and a dark brown exterior, the American cockroach is hard to miss. They have a set of wings and can fly, which makes them an even bigger issue once they've gained access to your property. 

To avoid letting cockroaches become a problem in your home or business, contact Quell Pest Control for eco-friendly, long-lasting cockroach control options today.

How To Limit Your Mosquito Exposure Risk In Sun City West

Mosquitoes are a big problem in Sun City West for nearly half of the year, but they don’t have to be. Try the following tips to limit your risk to them:

  • Opt for unscented personal products like detergent, soap, and shampoo. 

  • Try to sweat less. 

  • Wear light-colored clothing. 

  • Consume less alcohol. 

  • Limit the amount of time you spend outside during dusk and dawn. 

  • Try wearing EPA-approved products like DEET and picaridin. 

  • Plant items like citronella, lavender, rosemary, and eucalyptus at your home. 

  • Remove any yard debris like fallen tree branches, hedge trimmings, and leaf piles from your yard. 

  • Be sure to turn over the water in your birdbaths and kiddie pools regularly. Also avoid letting flower pots, grill covers, and pool covers collect water. 

  • Contact the professionals!

At Quell Pest Control, we seek to provide Sun City West homeowners with eco-friendly mosquito control that keeps them away all season long. Not only do we get rid of any active populations but we also look to make your property inhospitable to mosquitoes by treating it on a regular basis. For more information on our mosquito control services, contact us today.

Why You Should Avoid DIY Rodent Control In Sun City West

Rodents can mean very big issues for Sun City West property owners, and with cooler temperatures on their way, now is the time to ensure that you’re properly protected from them. Some of the reasons why you should not risk DIY rodent control are:

  • Property damage. One of the most common issues that rodents are known to cause is property damage because of their incessant gnawing and chewing. They take to your walls, foundation, and even personal belongings with a vigor that can leave you with unstable walls and house fires. 

  • Health risks. Rodents are capable of spreading a wide variety of dangerous pathogens through their fecal matter, urine, hair, and saliva, as well as bites. These include the very serious hantavirus, salmonella, rat-bite fever, and tularemia. They can also instigate asthma attacks and allergic reactions from these byproducts. 

  • Other pests. Because of the unsanitary conditions that rodents tend to spend time in before making it to your property, they are very common carriers for parasites like bed bugs, fleas, mites, and ticks. So having an issue with rodents also usually lends itself to pest problems of other kinds. 

  • Potential size of an issue. Mice reproduce approximately every month and can have up to 120 pups per year. While rats reproduce less frequently and in smaller numbers, they can still have up to 60 pups per year. 

  • Other characteristics. Rodents are nocturnal by nature, which makes them a lot trickier to spot and catch. They also tend to build their nests either in the far reaches of your attics and basements or in the confines of your walls, which makes them difficult to access. 

For eco-friendly rodent control solutions that you can trust, contact Quell Pest Control today. 

Are Wasps In Sun City West Dangerous?

While many people in Sun City may aim to either attract wasps or keep them on their property for the ecological benefits that they offer gardens, the risks they pose simply aren’t worth it. Wasps are one of the most potentially dangerous pests around. Their infamous stinging attacks are a very common occurrence because of their territorial nature. They use their long stinger as a defense mechanism and are very likely to attack as a group, which increases the severity of a reaction. And while individuals may each have different reactions to the sting of a wasp, some of the side effects can be very scary. Some of the impacts of a wasp attack include shortness of breath, swelling, vomiting, nausea, fever, anxiety, excessive coughing, and anaphylaxis. If you experience any of these symptoms seek professional medical help. And to keep wasps off of your property year-round, contact the team at Quell Pest Control and inquire about our wasp control services today.

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