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If you're looking for a leisurely lifestyle and endless recreation choices, look no further than Sun City. Sun City is a great place for active adults to enjoy all that Arizona has to offer. This Original Fun City boasts something for everyone.

Another great benefit to living in Sun City is the ability to be outside year-round. As great as this climate is for outdoor activities, it is also great for pests. Fortunately, Quell Pest Control is here to meet all the pest needs of Sun City residents. We are a locally owned and family-operated business that always puts customers first. Come join our list of satisfied customers and let us make sure you can enjoy all Sun City has to offer without worrying about pests.

Home Pest Control In Sun City, AZ

At Quell Pest Control, we pride ourselves on keeping your home pest-free all year. We believe in treating customers like our neighbors, because as a locally-owned company, they are.

We will always start with a thorough inspection of your home and use the results to build a residential pest control plan that will keep it pest-free.

We use an environmentally friendly approach to residential pest control that is both effective and safe for your family and pets. Call us today and let us get to work keeping you and your family pest-free.

Dangers Of Cockroaches In Sun City, AZ

Cockroaches are one of the more detestable pests across Arizona. They are famous for their seemingly indestructible nature. Cockroaches have built up resistance to many pesticides, can survive for a week without water, or even without their head, and up to a month without food. They also reproduce quickly, which combined with their hardy nature, makes any infestation a formidable problem. But the cockroach’s tenacity is not the only problem, these insects also carry big risks for your health.

Cockroaches spend their time in a variety of places as they search for food. Some of these are less appealing than others. Frequent visitors to unsanitary environments like sewers and garbage cans. Cockroaches pick up and spread pathogens like salmonella, typhoid, cholera, dysentery, and E. coli. At the first sign of cockroaches, call Quell Pest Control so that we can rid your home of these pests before they put you or your family at risk.

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How To Protect Your Sun City Property From Scorpions

If you’ve lived in Sun City for any amount of time, you’ve probably dealt with scorpions, as they are common in the desert climate that we call home. While they aren’t the terror that movies make them out to be, they should still be taken seriously. Most species of scorpion won’t attack unless they feel threatened, but their bite can be painful, like that of a bee sting. Some species, like the Arizona bark scorpion, are more dangerous.

At Quell Pest Control, our plans include scorpion control and prevention. But outside of professional pest control, there are some things you can do around your home keep it safe from scorpions:

  • Eliminate areas of standing water.
  • Seal any cracks around your home that scorpions can use to gain access, especially around doors and windows.
  • Inspect dark areas of your home like cabinets and closets regularly for signs of scorpions.
  • Clear brush, debris, and wood piles from around the perimeter of your home.
  • Keep firewood stored at least 20 feet from your home.
  • Eliminate food sources like crickets by keeping lights off at night.
  • Ensure that your garage door fits properly. If you can see light under the door at night, it is not sealed as tightly as possible.

These steps can help keep scorpions away from your property and keep you safe from these pests.

Are There Poisonous Spiders In Sun City, AZ?

Most spiders aren’t the scary monsters that they are made out to be. Most species are content to live in the dark corners of your home, and most species aren’t aggressive. While most species aren’t aggressive or dangerous, there are some species to be aware of.

Here are several spiders that are common in our area that you should know:

  • Black widow spider: These spiders are black, and easily recognizable by the red hourglass shape on their back. Black widow bites can cause a painful lesion, vomiting, nausea, respiratory issues, and muscle failure.
  • Arizona brown spider: This spider is a relative of the more well-known brown recluse. They have the same “fiddle”-shaped marking as the brown recluse, but it is much fainter and harder to see. A bite from this spider can require surgery and possibly even amputation to treat.
  • Wolf Spider: These are large spiders, measuring over an inch at least. Their bites can be very painful because of their large mandibles that rip through skin. They can also lead to secondary infections that affect your lymph nodes.

These species can be hard to tell apart from their less dangerous counterparts. If you have a spider problem, contact us today. We can identify the type of spider that is in your home and create a plan to eliminate them and keep them from coming back.

Simple Ways To Get Rid Of Ant Infestations In Sun City, AZ

If you have ant problems in your Sun City home, they can become dangerous, destructive, and more. Many of the local ants are either a health hazard in the yard through painful stings, a health hazard in your home due to the spread of bacteria, or a threat to your home’s structure itself.

Unfortunately, ants can be difficult to get rid of on your own if you do incur a problem. That’s why partnering with the pros is the best way to get rid of any existing ant problems. However, you can reduce ant attraction to your property and encourage their prompt exit by practicing the following methods:

  • Maintain the lawn properly.
  • Store food and trash securely.
  • Clean regularly to avoid loose crumbs.
  • Decrease moisture problems throughout the property.
  • Seal up cracks and crevices around the structure.
  • Partner with the professionals at the first sign of an issue.

Even though these methods can help you reduce your chances of an ant problem, once they've invaded, there is very little you can do to get rid of a problem without professional help. For more tips to decrease your chances of a dangerous ant problem, call us today to schedule an inspection with one of our residential pest control experts.

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