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Silverfish Identification

What are silverfish?

Silverfish have a unique appearance, with their most identifying feature being the three long antenna-like appendages that extend from the end of their elongated, carrot-shaped body. These insects are brown or gray and covered in metallic scales. Silverfish move their bodies in a wriggling fish-like manner, which also helps to identify these pests. Though their name may lead you to believe that silverfish are aquatic and live in water, they do not. But they do have high moisture needs.

Are silverfish dangerous?

Silverfish are pests that are much more damaging to our personal belongings than they are to us. They don't cause physical harm to people, nor do silverfish spread pathogens that make us ill. 

Silverfish will feed on things made of fabric, paper goods, and dry goods and, when in our homes, damage clothing, upholstered furniture, pantry items, and wallpaper. The damage silverfish cause is unwelcome and costly, making these pests always unwanted in our Arizona homes.

Why do I have a silverfish problem?

Like most pests in Arizona, our warm weather allows these pests to be active throughout the entire year. Silverfish often become a problem on our properties after being attracted by excess moisture in the soil that surrounds our homes. Things like leaky pipes, overwatered gardens, and poor drainage can provide silverfish with the moisture they seek.

It is common for these pests to migrate into our homes when it becomes too hot or dry outside for them to live comfortably. Our homes often provide them with a cool, damp place to hang out. Silverfish are also regularly introduced into our homes inside things like secondhand linens or clothing, potted plants, or boxes that were stored outside.

Where will I find silverfish?

Silverfish gravitate to areas of our homes that are damp and dark. They like to gather around drains, vents, and under sinks in the following areas:

  • Laundry rooms
  • Utility rooms
  • Crawl spaces
  • Bathrooms
  • Basements

Having silverfish in your home is often indicative of an underlying moisture problem. If you are finding silverfish in your home, it's likely that will eventually find other moisture-seeking pests as well.

How do I get rid of silverfish?

Get rid of silverfish with the help of Quell Pest Control. We are a local, family-owned business dedicated to helping people living in the East Valley of Arizona keep their properties free of unwanted pests. Trust our dedicated professionals, our eco-friendly pest control solutions, and our targeted treatments to rid your Queen Creek property of silverfish and other pests! To learn more about our year-round pest control offerings, give us a call today!

How can I prevent silverfish in the future?

We want to offer some tips to help you keep silverfish out of your Arizona home or business. You can take following steps to prevent problems with unwanted silverfish on your property.

  • Remove access to water sources. Fix leaky pipes and drains that will provide the moisture these pests want. 
  • Keep silverfish out of your home by sealing cracks in the foundation, installing door sweeps, and sealing spaces around utilities like wires or pipes entering your house.
  • Store bedding, linens, or other fabrics in plastic, pest-proof containers with locking lids, not cardboard boxes. 
  • Inspect items that have been outside for silverfish before bringing them into your home.