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Scorpion Identification

What are scorpions?

The scorpion’s large front claws and segmented tail curving over their back helps most people to identify these arachnids easily. Scorpions are predators and excellent hunters; despite having poor vision, they hunt effectively through touch and vibration. Like spiders and predatory insects, scorpions provide natural pest control, which is helpful, just not in our backyards and homes!

a scorpion outside in queen creek arizona

Are scorpions dangerous?

Most people are intimidated by scorpions, and we understand why. Scorpions have a less than cuddly appearance and are known for delivering painful stings, most of which produce a reaction similar to a bee or wasp sting. However, the Arizona bark scorpion is an example of a scorpion that is quite dangerous and capable of causing life-threatening symptoms. 

Giving scorpions their space and doing your best to avoid contact with these stinging pests is always best!

Why do I have a scorpion problem?

Food and areas of moisture are why scorpions are attracted to your yard and home. Though scorpions thrive in our desert climate, they also have high moisture needs, and our properties often provide them with the water they and their insect prey are looking for. 

Scorpions, like other predators, are live in the highest populations wherever there is prey to hunt. Therefore, the more insect activity you have on your property, the more likely there will be scorpions. 

Things that attract scorpions and insects include:

  • Leaky pipes
  • Areas of poor drainage
  • Open trash containers
  • Pet food
  • Piles of damp foliage
  • Gardens and dense vegetation
  • Fruit trees

Where will I find scorpions?

Scorpions aren’t aggressive towards people, and most scorpion stings are the result of self-defense. Because they blend in with their environment, we don’t always see a scorpion, and accidentally come into contact with it, resulting in a sting. Therefore knowing where scorpions like to hang out is key to avoiding their stings.

Common areas scorpions take shelter outside:

  • Rock walls
  • Behind tree bark
  • Under woodpiles
  • Under mulch
  • Within garden areas
  • On exterior walls of homes and outbuildings

Common areas scorpions take shelter:

  • Walls in kitchens and bathrooms
  • Tubs and sinks
  • Closets and cabinets
  • Boxes 
  • Folded towels and bedding
  • Stored clothing and shoes
  • Utility rooms
  • Crawl spaces

How do I get rid of scorpions?

If scorpions have become a problem around your home, it is best to partner with a professional who can accurately identify the scorpions and safely remove them. To solve your scorpion problems, trust the local professionals at Quell Pest Control. We are a local, family-owned business dedicated to helping people living in the East Valley area of Arizona keep their properties free of unwanted and dangerous pests. Through eco-friendly pest control solutions, premium products, and our targeted treatments, we will find and remove unwelcome pests from your Queen Creek property

If you want to learn more about our scorpion control solutions in Queen Creek, give us a call today

How can I prevent scorpions in the future?

We want to provide you with some tips to help you keep stinging scorpions out of your Arizona home and away from your family.

  • After performing an inspection of your home’s exterior, seal any openings in the foundation and exterior walls that you find.
  • Place weatherstripping around windows and doors.
  • Remove things like fallen trees, woodpiles, and other excess debris from your yard where scorpions can hide.
  • Regularly inspect your home’s interior and exterior walls for scorpions.
  • Wipe away excess moisture from sinks and bathtubs. 
  • Repair dripping hoses, faucets, and pipes.
  • Make sure irrigation systems in your yard are in good repair and not leaking.

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