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Scorpion Control in Queen Creek, AZ

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Expert Scorpion Control For Your Queen Creek Property

If there's one pest that comes to mind for the residents of Queen Creek and the rest of Arizona, it's the scorpion. Scorpions are known for their love of hot and dry conditions, which is why you'll find them in the desert, in your yard, or possibly in your own home.

Are Scorpions Actually Dangerous?

Like other stinging pests, scorpions inspire a sense of fear and dread because it's not fun to get stung. With some pests, the sting can require immediate medical attention. Fortunately, despite their reputation, they're actually not that bad by comparison.

For example, scorpions are solitary, which means you'll never face a colony of them. However, especially beneficial conditions can lead to multiple scorpions making themselves at home inside your house.

Even better, with scorpions, you don't have to worry about property damage, unlike with other pests. Scorpions do indeed sting when provoked, but most species are relatively safe since their venom isn't that potent. Keep in mind, though, that allergic reactions can still occur.

However, one species to watch out for is the Arizona Bark Scorpion. This scorpion does have potent venom, and a sting from this scorpion requires immediate medical attention.

Thanks to the potential danger when it comes to scorpions, it's recommended you stick with professional scorpion control instead of trying to handle the problem on your own.

Scorpion Control From Quell Pest Control

With their solitary nature and love of hiding, we know we can't just dive in and begin treatment and removal. Plus, since some species do present potential danger, extra caution is warranted. For this reason, we always start the process with our comprehensive inspection.

During the inspection, we'll talk with you to find out where you've been noticing scorpions on the property. By doing this, we can zero in on how they're entering your home and come up with a customized plan guaranteed to work.

For treatment, we only use products proven to work in treating scorpion infestations. We'll also focus on neutralizing harborage areas while providing education on preventing future scorpion infestations for well-rounded results.

Protecting Your Queen Creek Family From The Threats Of Scorpions

Don't let the scorpions take control of your property any longer than necessary. Contact our service pros today to get pricing and discuss your scorpion control options.

Learn more about how our team can effectively eliminate scorpions from your Queen Creek home.

Now Serving Dallas/Fort Worth!

The team at Quell is proud to announce that we are expanding our scorpion control services to the Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area! As a Dallas homeowner, your home provides the perfect escape for scorpions, full of food, water, and shady places to hide. If you’ve started seeing scorpions in or around your Dallas-Fort Worth property, give us a call today and find out why professional Dallas scorpion control services from Quell are the perfect solution to eliminate these dangerous pests from your home for good!