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Queen Creek’s Complete Guide to Effective Rodent Control

Whether you’ve spotted a house mouse hiding in your pantry, discovered a rat in your office, or had a close call with a squirrel, having rodents invade your home or business in Queen Creek can lead to disaster. Not only can these rodents, especially rats and mice, spread diseases if you come in contact with them or their droppings, but these critters are destructive too. It doesn’t take long for a squirrel to chew through your electrical wiring or a house mouse to contaminate your entire kitchen.

Regardless of which rodent you’re dealing with, it’s important to handle a rodent problem quickly and effectively. Here’s what you should know about why rats or mice might invade your residence, why they’re so difficult to get rid of, and what you can do to prevent future infestations.

Why Do Rodents Invade Your Queen Creek Home Or Business?

roof rat in a shed

Most rodents don’t need an open door to slip inside your home or business and start taking advantage of you. Mice, for instance, often slip through tiny cracks or holes found near the foundation of your home or through a gap in the ceiling or windows. These pests don’t need a lot of space to make it inside, either – the agile body of a mouse makes it possible for them to slip through a hole as small as a pencil.

In some cases, mice may get inside through sewer lines or drainage pipes that aren’t correctly sealed. Like most rodents, mice aim to get inside for a couple of different reasons: food, water, and shelter. Once temperatures begin to fall, mice are on the lookout for a warm place to hunker down in – and Queen Creek homes tend to look a little too inviting.

Rats come inside for the same reasons, and as flexible as they are, they only need a hole that’s ½-inch wide to fit through. Since they can climb trees, some rats may use this ability to get inside your attic or squeeze through a vent.

Squirrels, however, are looking for a warm, dry place that’s protected from outside elements to build their nests. They may not be as small as rats or mice, but squirrels aren’t afraid to chew through your shingles, wood, or even aluminum siding to gain entrance to your home.

Each rodent type has a long history of human dependency, so once they’ve found a cozy spot in your home or business, they will likely begin reproducing.

Why Are Rodents Difficult To Get Rid Of In Queen Creek, AZ?

While many pests may be tricky to get rid of, rodents are particularly challenging – not only are mice, rats, and even squirrels extremely adaptable, but they’re clever and reproduce quickly. Mice, for instance, tend to reproduce around ten times a year, so what might’ve started as two tiny mice can become an infestation of a hundred or more.

Rats also reproduce quickly, and they’re excellent hiders. They may go undetected for quite some time just because they’re hiding out in cramped crawl spaces or narrow attics where you’re unlikely to find them.

Squirrels may not reproduce quite as quickly, but as fast as they are, they can be tricky – and dangerous – to try and lure out of your property before they’ve done a lot of damage.

While it may be tempting to try and solve a rodent problem yourself, dealing with these pests on your own rarely ends well. Not only do you put yourself at risk for contracting certain diseases and bacteria, but finding a rodent’s hiding spot and wiping out the entire infestation isn’t always easy.

The safest, most effective way to handle rodents of any kind is with professional help – like those of us at Quell Pest Control. Whether you suspect you’ve got a rodent problem or you already know you do, don’t wait to call us at Quell Pest Control to find out more about our rodent control program and what we can do to help your property.

How To Prevent Future Rodent Infestations In Queen Creek, AZ

While it may not get rid of active infestations, there are a couple of ways to combat future rodent infestations in your Queen Creek home, such as:

  • Seal up potential entry-ways that rodents could use, like tiny gaps, cracks, or holes around your home or business.

  • Get rid of low-hanging shrubbery or tree branches that may give rodents access to your rooftop.

  • Keep plants at least three feet away from your building and get rid of yard debris and clutter.

  • Keep food sources, including pet food, sealed and not out in the open.

Prevention is the best approach to rodents in Queen Creek but if one or more of these pests makes it through your defenses, it's time to call Quell Pest Control for our residential pest control service.

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