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Customized Pest Control In Plano, TX

The city of Plano may be famous for serving as the backdrop for the TV series “Dallas,” but today this suburban-style community is where countless families and working professionals call home. Plano is filled with diverse museums, neighborhood bars, and good public schools, while also providing easy access to Dallas and the surrounding area. Pests, however, are an unpleasant part of daily life in Plano, but luckily, there’s help.

At Quell Pest Control, we provide local homeowners with reliable pest control. As a locally-owned business, we put our knowledge of Plano’s landscape to good use when working to understand how pests interact with it. Our expert technicians follow the rigorous Integrated Pest Management standards as well in order to always take the safest route to pest-free living. By taking this approach, we’re able to find real solutions that will protect your home throughout the year. To learn more about customized Collin County pest control, contact us today. 

Residential Pest Control In Plano

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Your Plano home can be the victim of pest problems at any time of the year, which is why Quell Pest Control is here. We work with homeowners to both alleviate current pest issues as well as protect against future problems. In order to accomplish this goal, we follow the Integrated Pest Management method, which allows us to gain a holistic understanding of each property we service.

We always begin with a multi-point inspection that tends to entry points, plumbing voids, cracks and crevices, as well as signs of infestations. After we’ve collected our findings, we customize a treatment plan that is directly suited to your needs. Some of the protocols that this may include are interior treatments, perimeter protective barriers, garage treatments, filling cracks and gaps, as well as de-webbing. We’ll return every three months in order to ensure that your home is fully protected from any threats that the season may bring. For more information on residential pest control, contact us today.

Just How Dangerous Are Cockroaches In Plano?

For residents of Plano, cockroach infestations can take place at any time. The simple presence of people can be enough to lure roaches inside homes, but so can leaks, excess garbage, and ideal conditions. Once cockroaches make their way inside the home, they leave behind saliva, body parts due to the molting process, and fecal matter that is almost impossible to spot. Through these byproducts, cockroaches spread harmful pathogens that are linked with salmonellosis, streptococcus, staphylococcus, giardia, diarrhea, and E. coli infections. Cockroach outbreaks can also irritate asthma and allergies in certain individuals. An increase in stress is also a side effect of having an infestation due to the embarrassment that comes with this problem. 

At Quell Pest Control, we protect homeowners from all of the threats that cockroaches pose. By adhering to Integrated Pest Management, we’re able to install long-lasting treatments and changes that keep cockroaches away throughout the year. For more information on cockroach control, please give us a call today. 

What Is Causing All These Mosquitoes In Plano?

Mosquito season in Plano can only be described as brutal. When temperatures begin to climb and conditions get a little more humid, mosquitoes start to appear. The female is in search of the blood that she requires in order to survive and reproduce and she’ll do anything to get it. In addition to the environmental conditions that draw mosquitoes out, there are certain factors that yards produce that are also attractive to these pests. Things like excess shade, standing water, and an excess of yard debris will provide ideal situations for mosquitoes to live amongst.

Additionally, the sheer presence of people is enough to lure mosquitoes to a homeowner’s yard. Traits like blood type, choice of personal hygiene products, presence of sweat and body heat, as well as the time of day can influence the number of mosquitoes that become an issue. At Quell Pest Control, we provide seasonal mosquito control that creates real results. For more information on our services, contact us today. 

A Fool-Proof Way To Keep Ants Out Of Your Plano Home

Your Plano home offers ants everything that they need in order to survive, from any number of dripping faucets to crumbs that may be scattered around your kitchen. Keeping ants out of your home takes a meticulous effort that can still prove unfruitful because of all of the gaps and crevices that exist unbeknownst to you. The most fool-proof way to address ants is with professional help from Quell Pest Control.

Our methods are guided by Integrated Pest Management, which is an eco-conscious approach that favors mechanical changes over chemical application. Any of the treatments that we do apply are deemed safe for people, pets, and the environment. Some of the ways that we keep ants out of your home include perimeter barriers, sealing up cracks, and interior treatments. With four treatments throughout the year, ants will no longer be an issue for your household. For more information on ant control, contact us today. 

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