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Professional Pest Control In Phoenix, AZ

Called 'The Valley Of The Sun' by local residents, the city of Phoenix is one of the most talked-about places in the United States. More than 4.73 million people currently live in this city, and it's the 5th largest city in America. There is certainly no lack of things to do and see in Phoenix, with resorts, entertainment venues, and exciting nightlife accessible all over town.

Although Phoenix is a thriving city full of life and color, it certainly has its challenges. One of the most noticeable of these includes the presence of pests. Phoenix's commercial and residential properties struggle with chronic pest infestations and ongoing concerns, including bed bugs, earwigs, mosquitoes, and rodents. Without professional help, residents may have to deal with the effects of infestations long after pests are gone. 

To help reduce pest stress, strain, and anxiety for Phoenix homeowners, Quell Pest Control provides powerful pest management to hundreds of clients in the city. Our rave reviews and always satisfied customers agree that local pest control is always the best option. Learn more by submitting an online contact form.

Home Pest Control In Phoenix, AZ

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At Quell Pest Control, we believe in residential pest control done differently. Unlike our competitors, we strive to provide eco-friendly and safe treatments that are tough on pests and gentle on your loved ones. We offer indoor, outdoor, and perimeter treatments that stop pests in their tracks. 

A few pests we treat for the homeowners of Phoenix, Arizona include:

  • Mosquitoes 

  • Ticks & Fleas 

  • Earwigs & Occasional Invaders 

  • Rats & Mice 

  • Bed Bugs 

Don't see your pest problem on the list? We still want to help! Call or text us for more information about home pest control services in Phoenix.

How To Spot & Stop Earwigs In Phoenix Homes

Despite the old wives' tales surrounding its behavior, the humble earwig is anything but dangerous. These moisture-loving occasional invaders rarely cause problems for Phoenix homeowners and usually stick to themselves. You may find these insects crawling around dark and moist areas void of human traffic. Leaf piles, firewood stacks, and sometimes potted plants may be targets and potential habitats for earwigs. 

Here's how to spot them in your Phoenix home:

  • Earwigs are a quarter to an inch long. 

  • Earwigs are usually dark brown, with a light brown or yellow underbelly. 

  • Earwigs have a set of large pincers located on the back of their abdomens.

The best way to stop earwigs around your Phoenix property is to invest in professional pest mitigation. Quell Pest Control are experts at exterminating occasional invaders like earwigs and will be happy to innovate a solution just for your family. Call today for an estimate right away. 

Mosquito Management: Helpful Tips For Phoenix Property Owners

Mosquitoes are far more than just annoying invaders around your Phoenix property. In fact, they may be the most dangerous creatures ever to cross your path. It's no secret that mosquitoes can spread diseases with every bite, but homeowners may not realize the vast number of illnesses they truly carry. From viral illnesses to bacterial infections and parasite eggs, mosquito bites are anything but safe. 

In order to combat the number of mosquitoes around your property, follow these helpful tips:

  • Remove all areas of stagnant water from the yard by draining fountains, birdbaths, and potholes. 

  • Trim back all vegetation, especially close to the home. 

  • Wear light-colored clothing while out in the yard. For extra protection, tuck your pants into your socks. 

  • Avoid going outside during certain times of the day. For example, mosquitoes are more active during dusk and dawn. If you must do yard work, do so between those times. 

  • Remember that heavily ingrained mosquito populations will require professional abatement to remove. 

Call Quell Pest Control for a residential mosquito inspection.

DIY vs. Professional Rodent Control In Phoenix

Rats and mice may not seem like dangerous pests to many Phoenix homeowners. This erroneous thinking is why many of them choose to use DIY prevention against encroaching populations. However, this is a risky and sometimes dangerous gamble. Not only are DIY remedies often ineffective and expensive, but they may cause rodent problems to become considerably worse. 

Professional rodent control in Phoenix is more cost-effective and efficient than any home remedy. Here's why:

  • Professional pest management removes pests completely within a few short visits. 

  • Most treatment services operate on a year-round basis, keeping you safe no matter the season. 

  • Different kinds of treatment options are available from professional pest control companies, including eco-friendly remedies. 

Confirm your place on the Quell Pest Control service roster. Call our Phoenix office to schedule a visit at your earliest convenience.

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