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Professional Pest Control In Peoria, AZ

There are few metropolitan areas quite as beloved as the city of Peoria. Split between the neighboring counties of Maricopa and Yavapai, this big city is home to over 175,000 people. Meaning 'prairie fire' when translated, Peoria is currently the ninth-largest city in Arizona and is rapidly growing by an almost 50% increase a year. 

One of the reasons that so many people love Peoria is the area's resort and leisure living, which results in an enormous amount of tourists every year. Unfortunately, while this is a wonderful luxury for travelers and locals, it is also a terrific opportunity for marauding pest species. Rodents, insects, wildlife creatures, and many other animals take advantage of Peoria's unique layout and break into homes, businesses, and other commercial spaces. 

To stop vermin species in their tracks, homeowners rely on the professional management of Quell Pest Control. We don't just 'treat' pests; we eliminate them right at the source to prevent them from ever affecting your home again. So get ongoing security with the team at Quell Pest Control. Our operatives are standing by to take your call at any time.

Home Pest Control In Peoria, AZ

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Peoria homeowners are concerned with keeping their families safe while treating rampant pest infestations. At Quell Pest Control, we simplify the pest control process by offering eco-friendly, child-safe, and pet-friendly treatments to all homeowners. Here's how they work:

  • We investigate your property and the surrounding area for any sign of pest activity. Once found, we can begin working on a customized plan just for your home. 

  • We strive to use low and non-toxic solutions as often as possible. By mitigating pests without harmful chemicals, we can better protect you, your loved ones, and the surrounding environment. 

  • We make plans to protect your Peoria home from pests for the long term, creating a year-round pest plan that encompasses the unique solutions your lifestyle requires. 

Quell Pest Control is Peoria's most reliable residential pest control company. See us in action for yourself by scheduling an initial visit online.

Peoria's Top Five Ant Prevention Tips

There are three primary ant species found around the Peoria area — carpenter ants, fire ants, and pavement ants. Ants are usually classified as nuisance pests by professional etymologists, but here in Peoria, that doesn't mean they won't pack a punch. Carpenter ants wreak havoc on homes by chewing through wood and wooden structures. Aggressive fire ants attack and sting their victims with painful venom. Finally, pavement ants contaminate food items by sneaking into your kitchen and pantry. 

Here are the five best ant prevention tips here in Peoria:

  1. Mitigate ant populations by storing food items in their proper containers. 

  2. Swiftly clean up any spills or food crumbs left outside. 

  3. Seal cracks and gaps in the home with waterproof caulking. 

  4. Keep the yard well maintained, and the grass cut short. 

  5. Look for ways to continuously keep pests out, especially investing in a professional pest control plan. 

Ant treatments in Peoria are one of Quell Pest Control's specialties. Confirm your service date online by chatting with a representative.

Three Ways To Keep Scorpions Away From Your Property In Peoria

There are many reasons why scorpions could be skulking around your Peoria property. For one thing, these creatures could be charting out their next meal on your local pest population. They may also be using your landscape, play equipment, or shrubbery as a place to hide from the sun. 

Below are three methods that professionals use to keep scorpions away from your Peoria property:

  1. Keep the grass short and well managed while also trimming back any thick shrubbery or out-of-control tree branches. 

  2. Do not allow water to stagnate or puddle up around the yard. Remove, replace, or drain these spaces as soon as possible. 

  3. Continue to seal up any potential entry points that could let scorpions access the home. 

Professional scorpion management from Quell Pest Control is the best and most cost-effective method of managing unwanted species. Chat with us online to learn more about our programs.

Do At Home Rodent Prevention Methods Work In Peoria?

Some DIY home prevention methods work very well against rodent species in Peoria. Sealing gaps, managing garbage output, and properly storing food items are perhaps the best of these. However, home remedies against current rodent infestations are both ineffective and inefficient. 

If you truly are struggling with rodent concerns in or around Peoria, it will be wise to contact the professional team at Quell Pest Control. We prevent rodents from getting back into your home by:

  • Using Integrated Pest Management methods. 

  • Applying fast-acting products. 

  • Continuously listening to your needs. 

Quell Pest Control is ready to help you become rodent-free as soon as possible. Contact us today and learn more about our rat and mouse prevention services.

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