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Mosquito Identification

What are mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes are pests we all wish we would never have to come into contact with again. These small flies have elongated mouthparts they use to feed on liquids. Females feed on the blood of people and animals, while both males and females feed on plant nectar and other sweet juices as their primary source of nutrition. 

Female mosquitoes consume blood meals because they need the protein found in the blood to create viable eggs. Despite their frail nature, mosquitoes cause significant health problems for people and animals and are considered one of the world’s most dangerous pests.

mosquito on skin in queen creek arizona

Are mosquitoes dangerous?

The mosquitoes living and breeding in Arizona can carry and spread diseases like dengue, West Nile virus, chikungunya, and St. Louis encephalitis.

While not every mosquito you come across or that bites you will carry a disease, some do. Therefore, the more contact you have with mosquitoes, the more chances there are you will acquire a mosquito-borne illness.

Another issue with mosquitoes is that most people will develop a raised, itchy welt after being bitten by a mosquito. Excessive scratching at mosquito bite sites can cause open sores or a secondary infection to develop.

Why do I have a mosquito problem?

It is no secret that Arizona has a desert climate and lacks the water required for mosquito populations to thrive. But, mosquitoes do thrive in Arizona — why? The answer is simple; when watering our lawns, trees, and landscaping plants, we create areas of standing water where females can lay their eggs. 

Mosquitoes also thrive in Arizona because while our summers are hot, they are typically our rainy seasons. From June to September, rain-producing monsoons hit our state and provide the areas of standing water that mosquitoes can use as breeding sites.

Where will I find mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes swarm around breeding and resting spots, both things that most of our Arizona yards provide.

  • Wet soil around leaky pipes, outdoor faucets, and irrigation systems
  • Man-made ponds or other water features
  • Wading pools
  • Containers like buckets that collect rainwater
  • Yard clutter or construction debris

How do I get rid of mosquitoes?

Protect your Queen Creek yard from hordes of mosquitoes and your family from their dangerous and itchy bites with the help of the professionals at Quell Pest Control. The East Valley area of Arizona is our home, and we take pride in protecting its residents from the problems mosquitoes cause. 

We are a family-owned business dedicated to the families we serve, and we treat our customers like we would members of our own family. So trust our dedicated, experienced professionals to provide the eco-friendly mosquito control services needed to reduce the number of these biting pests living and breeding on your property. 

To learn more about our mosquito control, reach out to us today and speak with one of our helpful experts!

How can I prevent mosquitoes in the future?

Below are some tips to help you protect your family from biting mosquitoes and stop your yard from being taken over by these flying pests.

  • Make sure your yard has proper drainage to prevent areas of standing water from forming.
  • Regularly inspect irrigation systems for leaks.
  • Repair leaky pipes and outdoor faucets. 
  • Reduce the amount of dense vegetation you have in your yard; mosquitoes like to escape the heat by resting within areas of tall grass, under trees, and within landscaping plants. 
  • If you own a pool or water feature, make sure that the water inside of it is constantly circulating and properly treated.
  • Keep buckets and other containers that can collect water upside down when not in use.

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