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Pest Control In Mansfield, TX

Tarrant County pest control is often no easy task. Here in North Texas, our weather can be harsh year-round. Freezing temperatures in the winter, heatwaves, and drought in the summer, and severe weather in the spring and fall can drive all kinds of pests into your home. From ants using your home as a hideout from floods or food shortages to dangerous spiders and scorpions dropping by to prey on them, you've got to be vigilant against pests in the Mansfield area. The good news is that Quell Pest Control is here to help. 

Residential Pest Control In Mansfield

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Mansfield residents can often find themselves with an infestation that just won't quit. This is because most D.I.Y. residential pest control methods are highly ineffective. When pests like roaches or scorpions, or flies invade your home, you might be tempted to run out and grab the cheapest can of fogger or spray. However, O.T.C. products like these aren't just bad at their job. They may even be toxic to people or pets. Cats especially are vulnerable to all sorts of insecticidal chemicals. 

That means if you want to protect yourself and your pets and get rid of your infestation simultaneously, you'll need to hire professional help like the kind here at Quell Pest Control. Our multistep process is sure to get rid of whatever pest ails you. First, we thoroughly inspect your home to find existing problems and conducive conditions that could lead to future issues. Next, we tailor a plan that fits your needs and budget and carries out that plan in our initial treatment. And we keep your home pest-free during our follow-up treatments. That way, you never have to worry about a repeat infestation. 

Are Ants In Your Mansfield House Driving You Crazy? Here's What You Need To Know!

Ants in Mansfield are mostly a nuisance, but some can be downright dangerous. We do have stinging species like fire ants. And we also have ant varieties that can spread nasty bacteria. However, the most imminent and destructive ant species in our area is the carpenter ant. Carpenter ants can tunnel through your home's wooden support structure just like termites do. This can lead to thousands of dollars in damage and even a total loss. 

So Mansfield residents need to be vigilant for the signs of carpenter ants. One of the most significant signs is seeing these ants. Unlike termites, carpenter ants are not shy. If you have an infestation, you'll likely be seeing these ants regularly. If you're seeing giant, black ants in your home frequently, it's time to call pest elimination experts.

What To Do If You See Dangerous Spiders Around Your Mansfield Home

We have two types of spiders that can inflict medically significant bites here in Texas: the black widow and the brown recluse. The black widow's bite is neurotoxic and can cause symptoms from muscle spasms to nausea and vomiting to breathing problems. Meanwhile, the recluse's hemotoxic bite can cause tissue death, known as necrosis. These bites do not pose a mortal danger to adult humans most of the time, but the black widow bite can be lethal to small children. If you or your kids experience trouble breathing or fainting after a bite, seek emergency help immediately. 

The black widow is pretty distinct, with its sleek black exoskeleton and red hourglass marking. However, it's easy to mistake the dull, unremarkable brown recluse for any number of other spiders. Call the experts to help you figure it out if you're not sure.

The Secret To Keeping Scorpions Off Of Your Mansfield Property

While we do have dangerous spiders in Texas, the scorpions in our area don't pack medically significant venom. They can inflict painful stings, but being stung by a Texas scorpion is likely to be more unpleasant than dangerous unless you're allergic to their venom. Still, you don't want these heavily armed predators crawling all over your house. 

Both spiders and scorpions only hunt and eat live prey. That means not many other factors drive them into your home except for infestations of their favorite prey, such as cockroaches, silverfish, and other juicy insects. If you want to keep away spiders and scorpions alike, you'll need to take measures like covering your garbage, storing your foods in airtight containers, and sealing cracks and holes in your home to make it harder for pests to enter. These measures will repel spider and scorpion prey and make your home less attractive to these venomous arachnids. And of course, if you've got a scorpion infestation, you just can't seem to shake, visit our contact page or call us here at Quell Pest Control! 

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