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How To Prevent Wasp Infestations In Queen Creek

Considered a type of stinging insect, wasps are natural predators that feed on everything from cicadas to spiders. While they may be beneficial to the environment both predators and pollinators, these pests can cause a lot of problems for homeowners, especially if they're building nests around your Queen Creek home.

Here's what Queen Creek homeowners should know about identifying a wasp infestation, how dangerous wasps are, how to prevent wasps, and the safest way to deal with wasps with pest control in Queen Creek.

How To Tell If You Are Dealing With A Wasp Infestation

Seeing a wasp here or there is not generally a concern, but if you have a nest too near your home or a population has gotten out of hand, it may be time to take action. Some of the telltale signs of a wasp infestation include: 

  • You are constantly seeing wasps around your yard or in your home, such as yellow jackets, paper wasps, or hornets.
  • There are large numbers of wasps swarming near your home. 
  • You may find areas where it looks like the wood near your home or property has been chewed or gnawed on.
  • You notice a wasp nest or multiple nests on your Queen Creek property, including under eaves, in trees, ground cavities, or near other structures.

If you're noticing some of these signs or have already begun to experience stings, it's time to do something about the wasps on your property.

Are The Wasps In Queen Creek Dangerous?

You may already know or have experienced a wasp's painful sting, but the dangers of these stinging insects don't stop there. Wasps can be dangerous in a couple of different ways, and here's how:

  • You may be allergic. Like any allergy, getting stung by one of these pests could be dangerous if you're allergic to wasp stings. The more wasps on your property, the more dangerous they can be for anyone who suffers from a wasp allergy – especially if you discover a wasp nest or an active colony near your Queen Creek home.
  • They can attack in swarms. Wasps can be dangerous even for people who don't have serious allergic reactions. Many wasps, especially yellowjackets or mud daubers, can be aggressive and protective of their nests. If you try to get rid of a nest on your own or even just stumble onto it accidentally, wasps won't hesitate to attack in swarms and sting you multiple times. 

Depending on your body's response to stings and the severity of the swarm attack, dealing with wasps or a wasp nest could warrant a visit to the emergency room.

Some Helpful Wasp Prevention Tips

While you may need a stronger form of protection to combat wasp nests or infestations, there are some natural ways to deter these stinging insects from even building their nests on your property in the first place, such as: 

  • Don't leave any kind of food scraps or crumbs in your yard, especially sweeter foods or any kind of protein that might attract wasps.
  • Keep your garbage cans completely closed and sealed with a lid. You'll want to also make sure you're regularly emptying them as too much rotting food could draw in wasps.
  • Fill in any holes or open cavities in the ground of your property as these can be a popular place for yellow jackets to start building their nests.
  • Make sure you're keeping any windows and doors shut during the warmer months to prevent wasps from getting inside your home. 
  • Regularly check your property for signs of a wasp nest, especially under porches, decks, eaves, or trees. 

If you do find a nest or hive despite your efforts to deter wasps, a professional pest control company can help you remove it safely.

The Best Form Of Wasp Control

If you have a wasp nest on your Queen Creek property or feel like you're constantly dealing with wasps, there's only one safe way to deal with these stinging insects and that's by working with Quell Pest Control. Our highly-trained specialists have the experience, the safety equipment, and the right treatments to keep wasps and other stinging insects out of your yard.

If you've got a wasp nest or problem, don't wait – call us today at Quell Pest Control to learn more about how our wasp control services work for Queen Creek homes.