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Comprehensive Pest Solutions In Goodyear, AZ

As a suburb of Phoenix, Arizona, Goodyear is no stranger to the factors that attract pests. While we’re known for our safe suburban status and small-town charm, even properties in Goodyear can fall victim to a pest infestation. With warm weather and mild winters, pest activity is a year-round concern. That’s why it’s important to partner with experts like Quell Pest Control to get all your early prevention questions answered.

Home Pest Control In Goodyear, AZ

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Because pests can remain active all year here, it’s important for local homeowners to think about pest control -- not just when a population is noticeable, but long before then, too. By the time you spot pests, which are good at hiding, they may already have introduced property damage, disease, and other problems to your home.

That’s why it’s never too early to start thinking about how to properly protect your home. At Quell Pest Control, we make it easy by providing you with a simple yet thorough process for all our services:

  • Inspection: One of our friendly technicians will check your property for pests or signs of activity, making sure to educate you on attractants or other problem areas that might be raising your risk of an infestation.

  • Treatment: Not only are our treatments effective at eliminating pests, but they are also safe for people and pets who may wander around the treated area. With eco-friendly solutions instead of harmful chemicals, you can rest easy.

  • Follow-Up: The most important aspect of pest control is diligence, which is why we always follow up with you a few weeks after whatever services we render. We make sure the problem stays gone.

Contact Quell Pest Control today to get started on effective pest control for your Goodyear home.

Four Easy Ways To Keep Spiders Out Of Your Goodyear, AZ Home

Due to their small size and impressive climbing ability, spiders can be a difficult pest to prevent for even the most experienced homeowners. However, there are four essential steps you should take to try to prevent them from entering your Goodyear home:

  1. Remove all their potential entry points. Seal up any an all cracks, crevices, or gaps, especially around the foundations. Keep doors and windows closed when not in use, and consider installing weatherstripping.

  2. Clean and vacuum the home often, paying special attention to the corners, edges, nooks, and crannies of each room where spiders are most likely to have made their webs.

  3. Remove any moisture sources that spiders or other pests could be using.

  4. Have a professional pest control plan in place. Spiders are predators, so the presence of other pests in and around your home is the biggest thing attracting them to it.

Whether spiders have currently made their way into your Goodyear home, or you want to prevent them in the future, contact Quell Pest Control immediately for comprehensive spider control and residential pest control solutions.

Why Do I Have A Cricket Problem In My Goodyear Home?

Though crickets may have friendly connotations and are even considered a delicacy in some countries, they are a complete nuisance once they decide to congregate on your Goodyear property. Here are some of the reasons why you might have them present in your home:

  • They got loose. If you’ve ever brought home crickets for a pet’s snack and even a few managed to escape, an infestation could very easily create itself. 

  • You need to mow the lawn. Things like tall grass, leaf piles, and even a small stack of rocks are enough to lure crickets. All of these spots are ideal homes for crickets.

  • There’s a moisture issue. Crickets do prefer to live outdoors, but when it gets warm out, they may make their way inside looking for a source of moisture. 

  • You have outdoor lighting. These pests are attracted to heavy outdoor lighting, and once they’ve gotten close enough to your home, all it takes is one crack to let them in. 

Though they might seem harmless, crickets will destroy your personal belongings inside your home if you let them. For more information on preventing crickets or for total protection against them, contact Quell Pest Control today

Answering Goodyear Homeowner's Most Common Earwig Questions

Earwigs are a peculiar pest that not many people know much about, though they are relatively common in the Goodyear area. Here are a few FAQs that will help keep you safe:

  • What do earwigs look like? They’re an odd-looking, relatively small pest, measuring about the length of a fingernail. Complete with a set of forceps that come from their abdomen, the earwig is brown in coloring and also has a set of antennae.

  • Will earwigs actually crawl into my ear? While this is commonly spread information, no, earwigs do not crawl inside your ears, it’s an old wives tale. 

  • Why do I have earwigs? These pests look for places that are cool, dark, and moist to live and hunt for their prey. This makes spots like inside bedding, furniture, laundry, and pantries ideal for them.

  • Do they bite? Sometimes. Earwigs usually only bite when catching their prey, but sometimes they bite humans. On the off chance that you do get bitten by an earwig, the result is usually a very minor one that shouldn’t prove too uncomfortable. 

  • How do I get rid of them? Because earwigs are attracted to other pests and moisture issues, getting rid of them can actually prove quite difficult. That’s why the best thing you can do in the face of earwigs is to contact a professional exterminator who can not only get rid of them but address fundamental issues on your property. 

While this pest doesn't pose a significant health risk to humans, it can be destructive. For more information on preventing earwigs and to protect your Goodyear home from them, contact Quell Pest Control today.

Mosquitoes & Dangerous Disease: What Goodyear Residents Ought To Know

Have you ever tried to enjoy an outdoor gathering only to be bitten up by pesky mosquitoes? With their season-spanning approximately half of the year, you’re likely to encounter them in Goodyear. And while you might think that mosquitoes hanging around your Goodyear yard are just a nuisance, they’re actually far more dangerous. According to the World Health Organization, mosquitoes are responsible for more than one million deaths each year because of the dangerous diseases and viruses that they spread. Their bites lead to Zika virus, malaria, yellow fever, and West Nile virus, to name a few. Mosquitoes spread these pathogens during a bite because that’s when the saliva is injected, which isn’t something that happens when, say, a fly bites you. 

Additionally, mosquito bites may lead to allergic reactions and secondary infections from scratching in some cases. While DIY techniques like wearing unscented hygiene products and planting citronella are available, the safest way to protect yourself and your property from mosquitoes is with professional assistance from Quell Pest Control. Contact us today for more information. 

The Ultimate Guide in Making Your Goodyear Home Unattractive to Rodents

Rodents like mice and rats are very easily attracted to your Goodyear property, which can make them difficult to prevent. Once inside, they spread diseases and chew on your walls, causing your home to become structurally unstable and susceptible to other pests. Here are a few tips to making your home as unattractive to rodents as possible:

  • Start by filling any openings around your property with materials like wire mesh, coarse steel wool, and sheet metal. 

  • Always store your food in secure containers and use a garbage bin with a proper lid, taking the trash out regularly. 

  • Keep compost bins at least 100 feet away from your dwelling. 

  • Maintain a well-trimmed lawn, keeping vegetation around your property neat. 

  • Clean up any spills thoroughly and tend to your surfaces on a regular basis. 

  • Aim to keep your home free from clutter, like old magazines and boxes. 

  • Make sure that all crawl spaces, attics, and basements are well ventilated. 

When rodents make their way inside your home, they breed rapidly, spread diseases, and can ruin everything from your clothing to your walls. For more information on preventing rodents and for assistance in protecting your home from them, contact Quell Pest Control today!

What Brings Ants To Goodyear Homes?

It doesn’t matter how clean you keep your home, ants always seem to be attracted indoors. They find nooks and crannies to slip through and trying to locate where exactly they are coming from can be a nightmare. That’s why it’s important to understand the most common factors that lead to ant infestations and, more importantly, what you can do about them:

  • Food: It’s indeed true that ants are attracted to food, particularly sweet aromas. But their antennae can even detect traces that our own eyes and noses can’t.

  • Moisture: Pests are attracted to moisture, especially in the desert. That’s why properly addressing ventilation and drainage is important.

  • Cracks & Holes: Ants can fit through even tiny cracks and holes in exterior walls and foundations, making it inside the walls and eventually indoors.

  • Yards: If they make it in through exterior openings, it stands to reason ants start outdoors. Yards are often the source of an infestation, and ants live below ground where we don’t exactly notice them below the grass.

To truly protect your home from ants and the things that attract them, contact Quell Pest Control today.

Here’s Why Scorpions In Goodyear Are So Dangerous

If you live in the desert long enough, chances are you’ll spot a scorpion. These tough-shelled arachnids are common here in Arizona, which is why local property owners have been keeping their eye for them for generations. It’s a good thing, too, because scorpions can be highly venomous and lead to trips to the emergency room. To avoid scorpions on your property, you need to start long before you notice them.

For early prevention and fast action, turn to Quell Pest Control. We specialize in scorpion identification and removal, helping you properly deal with an infestation without having to put yourself in harm’s way. Not only can we help you eliminate existing problems, but we can also help prepare you with the knowledge that will avoid future scorpion infestations. Protect your Goodyear property from scorpions by contacting Quell Pest Control today.

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