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Tucked far to the north of Phoenix and known for its namesake fourth-tallest fountain in the world, Fountain Hills is a charming suburb known for its parks and natural spaces. But with the nearby urban sprawl of the city, the overlap of human activity and nature makes us vulnerable to pest populations on our properties. As such, it’s important to learn how professional pest control is the best way to truly protect your Fountain Hills home.

Home Pest Control In Fountain Hills, AZ

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With so much human activity and industry focused in the Phoenix metro area, it can feel like towns like Fountain Hills are often overlooked by the service industry. But with pest problems, you need service promptly and don’t have time to wait for a company to get through dozens of other appointments before they get to your home.

Unlike the big corporations that are busy fighting pest populations in the homes and businesses of the heart of Phoenix, Quell Pest Control focuses on the residential areas surrounding the city. We’ve developed our reputation by targeting these key qualities in our pest control:

  • Local: Quell Pest Control is based right here in the east valley of Arizona. We aren’t a big company that serves across state lines, so our resources are always focused right here at home.

  • Affordable: People don’t just turn to us because we’re local, they turn to us because we don’t try to sell them on all the bells and whistles of pest control that they don’t need.

  • Effective: It doesn’t matter how friendly or affordable your service is if it doesn’t actually work. That’s why we use only methods that are guaranteed to eliminate the problem.

For proper pest protection for your Fountain Hills home, turn to Quell Pest Control today.

How Dangerous Are Fountain Hill Mosquitoes?

When asked to picture the most dangerous animal in the world, people tend to go with big apex predators like lions or bears. But the really dangerous creatures aren’t the ones that can maul you, they’re the ones that can spread nasty and serious illnesses. It’s for this reason that mosquitoes are considered some of the most dangerous pests in the world.

With their habit of feeding on the blood of people and animals, mosquitoes can transmit diseases directly into the bloodstream. They are also one of the key vectors, or transmitters, of diseases from animal populations to human ones. These realities are why you shouldn’t treat mosquito control as a small issue.

Protecting your yard from mosquito populations is really about protecting your loved ones from disease. Luckily, the best mosquito protection can be found right here in Fountain Hills thanks to the services at Quell Pest Control. We can eliminate invading bugs and, better yet, lay down protective treatments that ward off future pest problems. Don’t wait for the threat of mosquitoes to be apparent before you take it seriously, contact Quell Pest Control today.

Four Ways To Rid Your Home Of Cockroaches In Fountain Hills

Cockroaches are abundant in warm, dry climates like ours. This is why roach infestations are so common. These invasive bugs can bring property damage and disease to your Fountain Hills home. Preventing them and ridding them from your property is really about addressing the factors that attract them in the first place and the access points they utilize to get inside. Here are some of the ones you should focus on:

  1. Food Storage: Cockroaches are scavengers that will feed on crumbs or chew directly into stored food packaging. That’s why proper food storage is so necessary.

  2. Deep Cleaning: For that matter, you also need to make sure you’re deep cleaning regularly. Crumbs accumulate in the tough to reach corners of your home, so cleaning these areas goes a long way toward preventing cockroaches.

  3. Access points: Cockroaches can flatten their bodies to squeeze through cracks or holes. That’s why sealing up these access points with proper maintenance is so important.

  4. Treatments: The most effective way to keep your home safe from cockroaches is through professional treatments. Call Quell Pest Control today to get started.

What Deters Scorpions From Fountain Hills Properties?

Some people already know this, but it bears noting: scorpions are arachnids. That means they are cousins of the spiders you may also find around your home and yard. And just like those spiders, scorpions are attracted to properties in search of other pests to hunt. This is why general pest control is so important. Not only do you need to take steps to keep scorpions off your property, but you also need to ward off the smaller bugs that attract them in the first place.

The best way to do that safely is with help from pest experts. At Quell Pest Control, we know how to deal with scorpions and the factors that attract them. To really deter dangerous pests, you need a trained professional who knows how to thoroughly inspect your property and take the proper steps to avoid infestations. Don’t let scorpions overrun your Fountain Hills property, turn to Quell Pest Control for our scorpion control service today.

All The Problems Winter Rodents Bring To Fountain Hills Homes

When winter arrives, rodents will be looking to take up shelter in your Fountain Hills home. While they don’t pay rent, pests like mice and rats bring a lot of very serious problems with them that you could experience if you don’t protect your home properly. Some of those problems are:

  • Property damage. One of the most common problems that rodents cause is property damage because of the near-incessant chewing that they are known to do. Mice and rats will chew on everything from your cabinets and furniture to your walls and electrical wirings. Sometimes this causes house fires and other times it means that your walls are unsafe and lack stability. 

  • Other pests. In the process of making their way inside your home, rodents will often chew at the cracks in your foundation. What this does is not only create the aforementioned property damage, but it also leaves you susceptible to future pest infestations of any kind. Furthermore, when rodents do gain access to your home, they are also very likely to bring with them other pests that come in the form of parasites like fleas, ticks, and mites. So now you’ll be dealing with a whole array of secondary issues. 

  • Health risks. Through their fecal matter, urine, saliva, and even hair, rodents are capable of spreading salmonella, hantavirus, rat-bite fever, and tularemia. 

  • High populations. During their nesting season, rodents reproduce in very high numbers and at rates so quick, you could have an infestation in as soon as a month. Rats can produce a high of 60 pups a year, while for mice, the number is approximately double that. 

Don’t wait for rodents to become an issue in your Fountain Hills home. Get started protecting yourself from them now with professional rodent control assistance from Quell Pest Control. Contact us today for more information on this process and keeping your home safe. 

Four No-Nonsense Ant Control Tips For Fountain Hills Property Owners

Ants are one of the most constant pest problems for Fountain Hills property owners, but they don’t have to be. Follow these four tips to keep them out of your home or business:

  1. Ensure a secure foundation. Crevices in your foundation are one of the most common ways that ants gain access to your property. They’re also able to make their way through gaps around door frames and windows, so use weather stripping where necessary and opt for caulk to seal cracks in your foundation.

  2. Watch your food. The thing that attracts ants inside properties most easily is food, whether it’s crumbs, trash, or leftovers. This means cleaning up regularly, storing food in airtight containers, using a garbage bin with a lid, and taking out the trash regularly. 

  3. Address issues with moisture. When you notice a leaky pipe, showerhead, bathtub, faucet, or downspout, fix it immediately. 

  4. Contact the professionals. DIY techniques are only so helpful when it comes to keeping ants out of your property. It takes so little to attract them and the attention that it does take can impede your ability to live your life. That’s why the best thing you can do to keep them away is to enlist the help of your local pest professional for ant control services.

Don’t let ants be a regular problem for your Fountain Hills property. With professional ant control help from the team at Quell Pest Control, we can create a secure barrier that prevents ants from invading at any point throughout the year. Contact us today for more information!

How To Identify Poisonous Spiders In Fountain Hills

Not every spider that you're going to encounter in Fountain Hills is dangerous, however, there are two species that are. Here's how to identify them:

  • Black widow spider. Perhaps the most iconic spider of them all, the female black widow is the most common gender you're likely to spot. She's got a glossy black exterior and her bulbous abdomen is stamped with a red hourglass figure. 

  • Brown recluse spider. This spider is most easily identified by its six eyes, as it's the only spider with this trait. Additionally, they have four sets of legs, an oblong abdomen, and are usually a light brown color. 

To protect your home or business property from these spiders and the dangers they pose, contact Quell Pest Control today and find out more about our spider control services.

What To Do When A Wasp Stings In Fountain Hills?

Wasps loiter around outdoor gatherings in Fountain Hills in search of meat or sweet foods, but they’re also drawn to many gardens, both of which can be a big problem for homeowners. A wasp sting is an unfortunate yet very common occurrence that can be harmful to your health. If you’re the victim of a wasp sting, follow these steps:

  1. Start by washing the affected area with soap and water. This will remove any bacteria and wash out any venom that the wasp may have injected. 

  2. Apply an ice pack. A very important and often overlooked step, this will reduce any potential swelling and provide comfort and relief in the meantime. This is also an ideal moment to take ibuprofen. 

  3. Try a topical antihistamine. To reduce itchiness at the sting site, apply a topical calamine, corticosteroid, or antihistamine cream. This should also reduce any pain you might be experiencing. 

  4. Monitor yourself for symptoms. Not all stings are dangerous, but if you’re experiencing any of the following symptoms, consider seeking professional medical attention: shortness of breath, tickling in your throat, excessive sweating, hives, wheezing or coughing, and anxiety. 

To keep wasps off of your property, contact Quell Pest Control today and inquire about our wasp control services.

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