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Pest Control In Flower Mound, TX

Tarrant County pest control can be a significant hassle with our hot summers and proximity to the big city. In North Central Texas, we’ve got all the desert pests from out west and all the humidity-loving pests from back east – and that’s on top of the typical big-city pests you’ll find hanging around Dallas. That means you can be dealing with everything from scorpions to ticks to mosquitoes to cockroaches to wasps and more, especially during the warmer months. That’s why you’ve got to be vigilant when keeping pests off your property, and we can help you here at Quell Pest Control. 

Residential Pest Control In Flower Mound

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Keeping pests out of your home isn’t just about preventing them from making your décor look ugly. It’s about keeping your property and your family safe. Some pests, like termites and carpenter ants, can destroy your home. Some pests, like cockroaches and rodents, can spread deadly diseases. Still others, like wasps and bees, can pose mortal threats to people with allergies to insect venom. 

To protect yourself, you’ll need residential pest control professionals helping you out, and here at Quell Pest Control, we have all the solutions you’ll need to quell your pest problems:

  • We thoroughly inspect your entire property, looking for signs of pests and conditions conducive to infestation development. 

  • Once we complete the inspection, we’ll go over our findings with you and work to tailor a plan to fit your needs and budget. 

  • We’ll follow this plan for our initial treatment, and we’ll follow up afterward to ensure your home remains pest-free. 

The best way to get rid of infestations and keep your home free of pests for good is to have an ongoing service plan with our pest experts. 

Scorpions are a common sight in Texas, and Flower Mound is no exception. Many of our residents wonder if the scorpions invading their homes are dangerous. The short answer to this question is no. There is only one type of scorpion in the U.S. that can inflict a deadly sting: the Arizona bark scorpion. We don’t have those here in Texas, so a scorpion sting will be painful for you but not deadly unless you have an allergy. 

Another big question homeowners have why scorpions keep coming into their houses. Most of the time, this is due to another infestation. Like spiders, scorpions are predators. That means they’ll come into your home seeking their favorite prey. Scorpions may also enter your home for water during a drought. 

A Helpful Guide To Effective Wasp Control For Flower Mound Property Owners

Keeping wasps out of your home is typically as simple as screening your windows and doors and making it impossible for them to get in. However, keeping them off your property is another matter. You might have to deal with ground-nesting wasps like yellow jackets or aerial wasps like hornets or paper wasps. Mud daubers can also be a problem, but they’re less aggressive and prone to sting than social wasps like hornets and yellow jackets. 

With all these different wasp varieties, you’ll have to take lots of additional measures to prevent them: 

  • Plant wasp-repelling herbs and flowers like lemongrass, thyme, mint, and basil.

  • Fill holes in the ground to avoid ground-nesting wasps from taking advantage. 

  • Trim back tree branches to reduce aerial wasp nesting sites. 

  • Knock down mud dauber tubes whenever you find them. 

While it’s typically fine to knock down mud dauber nests because these wasps are very docile, you should avoid knocking down other wasp nests. Many nesting wasps, especially hornets and yellow jackets, are incredibly aggressive and will engage in prolonged attacks if disturbed. So you should rely on the experts to keep you safe. 

Why Are There So Many Mosquitoes In My Flower Mound Yard?

Mosquitoes are a significant problem here in Texas, and if they’re inundating your Flower Mound yard, stagnant water is likely to blame. It’s easy to have stagnant water on your property and not know it. Mosquitoes can lay eggs in clogged gutters and areas with poor drainage. Rainwater can also easily collect items typically left outside, like flower pots or children’s outdoor toys. So do a sweep of your yard and make sure there is no standing water. If you don’t have a water issue on your property, one may be nearby. If that’s the case, you’ll likely need professional mosquito control help. 

Here at Quell Pest Control, we can help you with mosquitoes and every other Texas pest you might contend with. So call us or visit our contact page to get started today!

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