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As a town that’s more than 50 miles away from Phoenix, it’s easy for Florence to feel far away from the bustle of the city. But even out in the county seat of Pinal County, we get the spillover of tourism, culture, and even the pests that are attracted to city life. This is why Florence property owners can never be too careful when it comes to protecting their yards, homes, and businesses from infestations. At Quell Pest Control, we don’t just focus on the people in the big cities, we help the small-town communities deal with their pest problems, too.

Home Pest Control In Florence, AZ

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Most of the time, people don’t think about pest problems until they see the pests themselves or the damage they leave behind. But with pest issues in your Florence home, you want to know that they are taken care of quickly and completely.

The best way to do that is to not wait, but rather to get started on pest prevention long before pests have a chance to become a problem. Whether you need help with prevention or elimination, Quell Pest Control is here to help. We break our services into three simple, stress-free steps:

  • Inspection: Regardless of your pest situation, we first familiarize ourselves with your home so we get a full accounting of the pests or factors that might attract them.

  • Treatment: Once we know the scope of the problem, we put a plan in place to fully treat your home for pest problems. From preventative treatments to removal solutions, Quell Pest Control has you covered.

  • Follow-Up: Even after we’re done with the work, we’re still not done keeping your home in our thoughts. We always follow up with you several weeks after your service to make sure the problem stays gone.

For overall pest control for your Florence, AZ home, contact Quell Pest control today.

What Is The Best Way To Prevent Ant Infestations In Florence?

Ants are some of the most difficult pests to completely control. Not only are they tiny bugs that can find all kinds of areas to slip inside your home, but ant infestations also tend to come in large numbers.

The ants you see crawling around are most likely worker ants, but the source of the infestation comes from the reproductive queens that are hidden elsewhere. While you’re focused on the ants you can see, the ones that are in underground tunnels or hiding within your walls will carry on with their business. This means all the ants you happen to kill will simply be replaced in a few weeks. That’s why DIY methods aren’t very effective, so turning to experts is your best bet.

At Quell Pest Control, we can deal with ant infestations promptly and affordably Whether they are already a concern or if you want preliminary inspections and preventative treatments, contact Quell Pest Control to get started today.

How To Protect Yourself From Florence’s Dangerous Spiders

While all spiders tend to keep to themselves rather than attack, not all invasive spiders are harmless house spiders. Some, like black widows and brown recluses, can have venomous bites that make them far more dangerous. And, like all spiders, seeing them is usually your first clue that there are other pest populations around. That’s because spiders don’t eat your crumbs or stored food, they eat other bugs. They are only around because there are existing populations to hunt.

It’s important to learn how you can prevent dangerous spiders and their pest prey from getting onto your property:

  • Access Points: Spiders can easily crawl through the gaps below a door or a tear in a window screen. Proper maintenance and installation of things like weather stripping can be important for pest control.

  • General Pest Control: Since spiders are attracted by other pests, general pest control is key to keeping spiders out.

  • Inspections: In order to account for all the ways that pests get onto your property, not to mention all the things that might attract them, it’s best to let trained experts inspect your home thoroughly.

To get started on your home inspection today, contact Quell Pest Control.

Is It Bad To Have Wasps In My Florence Backyard?

Wasps are one of those pests that just about everyone is afraid of and for good reason. From bees to yellow jackets and hornets, wasps come in many shapes and sizes. All of them can sting people, however, which is why they are more directly harmful than your typical pest infestation.

To make matters worse, every species of stinging insect has a different kind of venom, so people who may not be allergic to bees can get a nasty surprise when stung by another kind of wasp. Rather than risk an allergic reaction, it’s better to keep wasps out of your yard entirely.

At Quell Pest Control, we help local homeowners address factors that attract wasps long before a colony has a chance to move in. If wasps are already there, it’s better to turn to experts for safe and proper removal than to risk a swarm of stings yourself. Contact us today to learn how we can protect your Florence yard from stinging wasps of all kinds.

The Dangers Cockroaches Bring To Your Florence Home

Cockroaches are attracted to Florence homes when conditions outside become dry or when food sources become scarce. With conditions in the area being as dry as they are, roaches are a very common occurrence for local homeowners. But these pests are more than a nuisance; they’re actually quite dangerous. Referred to as “unhygienic scavengers” by the World Health Organization, cockroaches are not only a known allergen source and trigger for asthma attacks, but they also spread some very serious illnesses. They carry bacteria that can cause streptococcus, salmonellosis, and staphylococcus when deposited into food. They are also carriers of intestinal diseases like diarrhea, cholera, and dysentery. Additionally, people who live in homes that are infested with cockroaches have reported an increase in stress and anxiety because of the negative connotations that come with having this type of pest problem. 

With professional cockroach control from the team at Quell Pest Control, cockroaches don’t have to be a problem in your home. We work with homeowners to provide preventive measures, while also offering corrective services, as cockroaches don’t tend to respond well to over-the-counter pesticides. For more information on keeping cockroaches and the dangers, they pose out of your home, contact us today to find out about our cockroach control services.

Steps To Take Now To Prevent Mosquitoes Around Your Florence Home

Mosquitoes are one of the peskiest pests that you’re likely to encounter on your Florence property, as they buzz around outdoor gatherings looking for people to bite. Don’t let them win. Try these steps to limit mosquitoes on your property:

  • Remove standing water. Mosquitoes search for moist and cool spots to lay their eggs, which is why it’s so important to turn over the water in your birdbaths, kiddie pools, and even pet dishes regularly. 

  • Keep your yard clear. Other favorite spots for mosquitoes to breed or take up shelter are piles of leaves, hedge trimmings, fallen branches, and other yard debris. Aim to keep your yard free from these things. 

  • Consider what you plant. Some plants like citronella, rosemary, geranium, thyme, and lavender are said to contain natural properties that are repellent to mosquitoes. 

  • Limit your own factors. Because mosquitoes are after human blood in order to reproduce, there are simply so many things about our existence that they find attractive. Some of the most straightforward things you can control are: opting for unscented personal hygiene products, limiting the amount of time you spend outside during dusk and dawn, wearing light-colored clothing, and using EPA-approved products like DEET and picaridin. 

  • Bring in the pros. DIY techniques for preventing mosquitoes can be very restrictive, and in many cases, are simply not feasible. That’s why professional mosquito control is the most reliable and safest option to take. 

With seasonal mosquito control treatments from Quell Pest Control, you can enjoy your Florence home again. Contact us today for more information on making this a reality. 

Five Easy Ways To Keep Rodents Out Of Your Florence Home

Late fall and winter are when rodents start to take up shelter in your Florence home to escape the cold and start breeding. Here are five easy ways to prevent that from happening:

  1. Secure your foundation. Rodents are very skilled when it comes to fitting through even the smallest opening in your home’s foundation. Fill any openings with rodent-proof materials like wire mesh, sheet metal, steel wool, and silicone-based caulk. 

  2. Trim back your greenery. Rats in particular are very skilled at climbing and will take advantage of any overhanging tree limbs or hedges to gain access to your home. Maintaining a well-landscaped yard is key. 

  3. Tend to the small spaces. Make sure that your attic, basement, and any crawl spaces are well-ventilated to keep rodents out of your home. 

  4. Keep things clean. Rodents look for human food and places to take up shelter, which is why keeping food stored in airtight containers, keeping your home clean, and removing any clutter is so key. 

  5. Call the pros. The safest, most secure way to keep rodents outside of your home is with rodent control assistance from your local pest experts. 

Don’t let rodents become a problem in your Florence home. They breed rapidly, cause significant damage to your property, bring other pests with them, and put you at risk for serious health problems like hantavirus. With help from the team at Quell Pest Control, this doesn’t have to be the case. Contact us today for more information on our professional rodent control services. 

Everything You Want To Know About Florence's Striped Bark Scorpion

The striped bark scorpion is one of the most common species of scorpion that you’re likely to encounter in the Florence area. They’re easily spotted by their thin front pincers, long and arching tail, and prominent stripes that are located on their backs. As their name would suggest, the striped bark scorpion is drawn to logs, dead or decaying vegetation, and homes. It’s very common to find them living in your attic where they take up shelter during the daytime; however, as nocturnal creatures, they become active at night. These scorpions are known to sting, but the amount of venom they inject varies from case to case. To protect your property from the striped bark scorpion, contact Quell Pest Control today and find out more about our scorpion control services.

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