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Effective, Local Pest Solutions In El Mirage, AZ

As a suburb of Glendale and the Phoenix Metropolitan Area, El Mirage is a charming little community along the Agua Fria River. As part of the most densely populated part of Arizona, Maricopa County’s human activity attracts pests from all over the desert, even in the smaller communities like El Mirage. That’s why local property owners need to prevent pests before they are an obvious problem because, by the time an infestation has clear signs, you may expose yourself to health problems or property damage. For that, you need the guidance of experts. Learn how Quell Pest Control can help you today.

Home Pest Control In El Mirage, AZ

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For Arizona locals, you want to know that you can count on the pest control business you turn to. You don’t want someone who isn’t free until three weeks out or who can’t fully address the problem you're trying to solve. But with so many different people and businesses in the Phoenix area, that’s exactly what you’ll get from many companies who are too swamped or too corporatized to adequately address the needs of El Mirage residents. That’s why homeowners should turn to Quell Pest Control, where you can count on these facets of our trusted services:

  • Local: We’re based right here in the East Valley, which is why we pride ourselves on addressing the pest control needs of every local homeowner who needs it.

  • Affordable: We don’t force you to pay for expensive packages that you don’t need, we work with you on a pest control plan that’s right for your home and your budget.

  • Effective: Of course, no other quality matters more for a pest control company than how effective their treatments are. At Quell Pest Control, our methods actually work, so we stake our reputation on it.

For help with residential pest control in El Mirage, whether you need early prevention or fast removal of an infestation, contact Quell Pest Control today.

Scorpion Control: A Guide For Residents Of El Mirage

In desert states like Arizona, scorpions can be a daily sight. Not only can these pests be dangerous with their poisonous barbs, but scorpions also commonly invade local yards. In order to avoid an infestation, you need to take steps to make your property less attractive and accessible to them. Here are some simple steps to follow:

  • Landscaping: Scorpions like to burrow into the soil near rocks or other yard debris. This is why proper landscaping is so important.

  • Moisture Control: Pests, especially ones in a desert, are attracted to moisture from miles around. Yard drainage, pipe maintenance, and the removal of water features can all make your yard less attractive to them.

  • Inspections: To spot problem areas or hidden pest populations themselves, you should let a trained professional check your property. Contact Quell Pest Control to get your home inspection and get started with our scorpion control service today.

What Brings Ants To El Mirage Homes?

All kinds of pests are capable of slipping inside your home, but the ones that seem to be the most abundant and common are house ants. These tiny insects can fit through even small cracks and holes, and they are drawn to properties in search of the same familiar things. To avoid an infestation, you need to address these factors:

  • Food: Not only can ants scavenge in your cupboards, but they will also be attracted to the crumbs and food traces that build up after you cook and eat your meals. That’s why proper food storage and deep cleaning are so important.

  • Water: Ants will be drawn to the moist areas of your home, which is why ventilation and plumbing maintenance are so important.

  • Shelter: Ants typically build their colonies below ground, where they can survive the harsh cold of the desert nights. But indoors, they don’t have to worry about protection from the elements.

To help deal with all the factors that draw ants to El Mirage homes, contact Quell Pest Control.

How To Protect Your Back Yard Against El Mirage Wasps

The last thing anyone wants is something dangerous in their yard, but that’s exactly the risk that wasps pose to your El Mirage property. Wasps come in many shapes and sizes, but all of them can fly and all of them can sting people or pets.

While some people are allergic to bees, others can be allergic to the venom in the stingers of other types of wasps, too, and no one wants to find out they’re allergic after they’ve been stung. If a hive does form in your yard, dealing with it on your own can be a dangerous proposition.

That’s why it’s crucial to keep your yard safe before wasps are a danger, and the best way to do that is with the help of professionals who know what they’re doing. For overall protection against all kinds of stinging insects, turn to Quell Pest Control today.

El Mirage's Step-By-Step Guide To Effective Cockroach Control

Cockroaches bring a host of health hazards with them when they invade your El Mirage home. Try these steps to keep your home free from this persistent problem:

  1. Fill the cracks and openings around your foundation with caulk or weather stripping where necessary. 

  2. If you spot a leaking faucet, pipe, bathtub, or even toilet, fix it immediately. 

  3. Always keep your food in secure containers. 

  4. Avoid letting dirty dishes pile up. 

  5. Limit the number of places where you eat. 

  6. Clean your home regularly, vacuuming and disinfecting surfaces. 

  7. Call the pros at any time. 

For eco-friendly cockroach control solutions that you can rely on, contact Quell Pest Control today

What To Do About Spiders In Your El Mirage Home

When it comes to spiders in your El Mirage home, the best thing you can do is contact Quell Pest Control for professional spider control. Because spiders enter homes either looking for a food source — which comes in the form of many other pests — or because conditions outside have changed and dried up or gotten too warm, keeping them out can be a near-constant problem. We provide homeowners with year-round eco-friendly spider control solutions so that you can go on living your life safely and pest-free. Our team of experts will treat both the interior and exterior of your home in order to keep spiders out, and with routine follow-ups, we’ll be able to ensure the efficacy of these treatments. We pride ourselves on being solution-oriented and creating real results that you can count on. To keep your home spider and pest-free, contact us today. 

Seven Easy & Effective Rodent Prevention Tips For El Mirage Property Owners

It’s about that time where rodents are starting to assess your El Mirage property for a place to take up shelter for the cooler months. Don’t let your home become a breeding ground for rodents and the dangers they pose. Try these seven simple tips to keep them away:

  1. Trim back your landscaping. One of the most common ways that rats gain access to your property is by climbing along overhanging shrubbery and branches. Keep your landscaping in line to prevent this situation.

  2. Secure your home. Another very common way that rodents enter properties is either by squeezing through very small openings, or simply by chewing at them to make them larger. Fill any cracks or holes that you see with a silicone-based caulk, sheet metal, wire mesh, or steel wool. 

  3. Store food properly. One of the most desirable things that humans offer rodents is a steady food source, and they don’t care if that’s your leftovers or your trash. Always keep food in secure containers, opt for a garbage bin with a lid, and take out the trash routinely. 

  4. Keep things clean. Mice and rats also love clutter, so remove stacks of old newspapers and magazines as well as packing materials and boxes. 

  5. Don’t forget about the small things. Keep your basement, attics, and crawl space well ventilated to avoid rodents taking up shelter. 

  6. Address issues with moisture. Always fix things like leaky pipes and faucets as soon as you spot them. 

  7. Contact the pros. The best way to keep rodents out of your property is with professional rodent control assistance for the installation of things like exclusion and baits. 

Rodents bring with them parasites like fleas, ticks, and mites, as well as serious illnesses like hantavirus and salmonellosis. They breed in quick succession and at high rates, turning a few rodents into a much larger issue in the matter of a few months. And then there’s the issue of property damage, which rodents are notorious for causing. With professional rodent control assistance from the team at Quell Pest Control, you can avoid all of the damage and danger that comes with them. Contact us today to protect your property. 

What Can I Do About These Mosquitoes In My El Mirage Backyard?

Mosquitoes are one of the most frequent backyard visitors for El Mirage homeowners and the nuisance they cause is tremendously unpleasant. Follow these tips to limit their populations on your property today:

  • Remove any stagnant or standing water. This means turning over the water in birdbaths and kiddie pools regularly while also not allowing water to collect in places like grill covers and flower pots. 

  • Aim for a tidy yard. Mosquitoes prefer damp, cool, and dark environments to live and breed in. If they can’t find still water, something like a leaf pile is a very close second. Routinely clean away yard debris to remove this possibility. 

  • Watch yourself. Human blood is required for mosquitoes to breed and they are seemingly attracted to everything about humans, from the way we smell to the type of blood we have. While limiting some of these factors may be nearly impossible, you can opt for unscented laundry detergent, refrain from wearing perfume, use products like DEET, and spend less time outside during dusk and dawn. 

  • Contact the pros. You can’t control your genetics, nor can you constantly be tending to every inch of your property. That’s why seasonal mosquito control treatments from a pest professional are the most effective way to keep mosquitoes off of your property. 

For the most reliable protection from mosquitoes and professional mosquito control services, contact Quell Pest Control today.

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