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Total Pest Management For Your Dallas Property

Dallas is a city overflowing with culture, history, and interesting people. It is the ninth-largest city by population in the country, and for good reason. With its mild climate, thriving business culture, and excess of things to do, it’s no surprise that the city continues to attract new people every day. But whether you’ve just moved in or lived here your whole life, people agree that Dallas is the place to be.

Unfortunately, people aren’t the only ones that love living in Dallas; pests like insects and wildlife love it here too. Pests are a year-round problem for Dallas residents. There’s always something active in the area, and the mild climate helps ensure that certain pests never really go out of activity.

The best way to stop a pest infestation before it happens is with help from a professional pest management program from Quell Pest Control. Whether you’re experiencing a current pest infestation or want to protect yourself from ever having to deal with pests in the future, our trained technicians have everything you need to keep your property protected from all the pests that call Dallas home. Request your free quote with us today!

Residential Pest Control For Your Dallas Home

As a homeowner, your number one priority is to keep your home and family protected. Pests damage personal belongings, destroy property, and are dangerous to the health and safety of you and your family. Nothing ruins a home and puts your family’s health in jeopardy faster than a pest infestation, which is why implementing a professional pest control plan for your home and property is an important step every homeowner should take to protect the things that matter most.

No matter what type of pests are threatening your Dallas home, keep it beautiful with help from Quell Pest Control. Quell Pest Control specializes in effective and eco-friendly residential pest solutions for homes across Dallas. Our team of highly trained professionals utilizes advanced pest control methods to create lasting protection for Dallas homes all year-round. Our technicians are here for you with the eco-friendly solutions you need to keep your Dallas home pest-free. 

Our Residential Pest Control Process

Every residential pest control treatment we provide follows a simple three step process of Inspection, Treatment, Follow-Up.

During the initial inspection, we’ll perform a thorough sweep of your home’s exterior and interior for signs of pest presence. Common warning signs we’ll look for include direct signs of activity around your house or yard, potential entry points they could be using to get inside, and conducive conditions around your property that could be inviting pests to your home. 

Specific problems we’ll check for during the inspection include:

  • Moisture problems
  • Cracks and crevices in walls
  • Plumbing voids in poor condition
  • Evidence of pest activity, including property damage, droppings, etc. 

After we’ve completed your initial inspection, we’ll first report our findings to you. Working with you, we’ll develop a pest management plan specifically tailored to your home and the problems you’re currently facing.

Typical treatment steps include:

  • Treatment of pest nesting areas 
  • De-webbing the home’s exterior
  • Block wall treatment
  • Protective barrier treatment for your home’s exterior
  • Complete garage treatment
  • Interior treatments on an as-needed basis

After your initial inspection, we’ll return on a quarterly basis to apply preventive treatments against seasonal pests while also treating any active problems that have sprung up in-between visits.

If you’re looking for solutions-oriented pest control for your Dallas home, look no further than Quell Pest Control. Contact us today for comprehensive residential pest control today, tomorrow, and into the future. 

How Can I Avoid Mosquitoes In Dallas?

While mosquitoes are a common summer pest across the United States, the climate around Dallas allows them to stay active for most of the year. However, there are some important aspects of mosquito biology and behavior that homeowners should be aware of that can help them minimize mosquitoes around their homes.

The most important step in preventing mosquitoes is to eliminate any potential breeding pools around your property before mosquitoes can use them. Mosquitoes need pools of standing water to breed and the heat and humidity in Dallas allows them to fulfill these requirements for most of the year.

Here are some essential tips Dallas homeowners should use to minimize mosquitoes around their homes:

  • Fix any moisture problems around your property
  • Ensure your gutters are draining properly
  • Check your spigots and hoses for any problems and replace them if necessary
  • Keep your yard trimmed and the grass short
  • Remove any objects around your yard that could collect water or present a hiding spot for mosquitoes
  • Keep plants in areas of high sunlight to keep them dry
  • Try planting natural mosquito repellants like citronella, mint, lavender, etc.

Unfortunately for many Dallas homeowners, mosquitoes are pretty much unavoidable in the summer for certain properties. Even the best prevention steps are sometimes not enough to deter mosquitoes depending on your home’s unique situation. So how can you prevent mosquitoes around your Dallas property? If you’re very unfortunate, there is no answer: the task is next to impossible for homeowners working on their own.

Have mosquitoes overrun your Dallas yard? Don’t sweat, call the pest professionals at Quell Pest Control for professional mosquito treatment today! Contact us today to find out more about how our mosquito abatement services and why Dallas homeowners trust us for all their pest control needs!

Tips For Preventing Ants In Dallas

Ants are a problem for homes across the United States for a huge portion of the year, but that’s especially true for Dallas. All year-round, ants are notorious for getting into pantries, invading outdoor gatherings, biting people, and generally being a huge nuisance to homeowners.

Worried about ants getting into your Dallas home? Here are some great ant prevention tips every Dallas homeowner should know:

  • Vacuum your floors and carpets often.
  • Properly store food in airtight or sealable bins. 
  • Clean plates after eating. Don’t let dirty dishes pile up.
  • Clean up any spilled food or drinks immediately. 
  • Don’t let trash pile up. 
  • Use exterior trash cans with tight-fitting lids that won’t attract ants.
  • Keep all food in the home, including pet food, stored in sealed containers.
  • Seal off potential entry points ants could use to get inside.

Unfortunately, due to their small size and ability to get into almost anywhere in a home, ants can be a difficult pest to prevent and an almost impossible one to effectively treat. Luckily, Quell Pest Control is here to help. If ants have gotten into your home or lawn, don’t wait to contact the professionals at Quell Pest Control for lasting ant protection! Call us today for more information about our ant treatment services. 

Dallas Rodent Control

Rodents are notorious for invading homes and causing a wide range of problems for homeowners. Between the destruction they cause, the diseases they spread, and the many nasty side effects that come with a rodent infestation, Dallas homeowners are always better off taking any method they can to prevent mice infestations. 

Across the country, rodents are generally considered a winter pest because the cold weather gives them fewer opportunities to find food, water, and shelter in the wild, causing them to break into residential areas to find it instead. While you might think our mild weather would avert this somewhat, this is still the case in Dallas.

Rodent infestations carry all sorts of problems: in addition to the diseases and pathogens they can transmit, they also carry all the parasites they have inside with them. (In the case of pests like fleas and mosquitoes, this can even lead to secondary infestations.) The property damage they cause to homes they infest, and the biological elements like droppings and fur that they leave behind carry health risks of their own.

If rodents have gotten into your home, there’s no time to lose, call the rodent removal experts at Quell Pest Control. Our quick and eco-friendly rodent treatments are the perfect way to get rid of rodents in your Dallas home for good. 

Dallas Pests Don’t Stand A Chance

Dallas properties are at risk for pest infestations all year long. Between the health risks, property damage, and nasty side effects that every pest infestation brings, it’s always best to prevent pest infestations around your home any way you can.

If you’re a Dallas resident in search of year-round pest protection, look no further than Quell Pest Control. We’ve handled pest problems of every shape and size, and there’s no pest problem too difficult for our technicians to handle. Call us today and protect your property from all the pests that call Dallas home. 

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