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Carrollton, TX Pest Control

Pest Control In Carrollton, TX

Sandwiched in between three counties that make up the Dallas-Fort Worth metro area, Carrollton is right in the middle of a whole lot of urban development. Spanning Dallas, Denton, and Collin counties, this suburb of the large metro area sees a whole lot of human activity. And human activity leads to pest activity.

All the food, moisture, and shelter that our properties provide – coupled with the waste that is a daily byproduct of human civilization – attracts pests from all directions. To protect Carrollton homes, you need to take a preventative approach when it comes to pest control, and the best prevention comes from the experts at Quell Pest Control. 

Residential Pest Control In Carrollton

When pests get inside your home, they can expose you to larger problems that build and build. Not only can pests hunker down in the hard-to-reach areas of our properties, but they can also contribute to damage and even health impacts. To protect you and your loved ones – and your bank account – from the higher costs of pest infestations, get home pest control from Quell Pest Control. We use this safe and effective process to quickly eliminate pests and prevent future invasions: 

  • Inspection: To truly root out pest populations and account for all the access points and attractants that might form around your home, we start with a detailed assessment of your property – both inside and out.  
  • Treatment: We use environmentally safe products that eliminate pest populations and ward off future infestations.  
  • Follow-up: We always check back with you later to make sure the problem is fully gone and that no new pests have become a problem. If we have to come back out, we don’t charge extra. 

Trust your home’s defense to Quell Pest Control by contacting us today.  

A Handy Guide To German Cockroaches For Carrollton Homeowners

German cockroaches are some of the nastiest and most common pests to invade homes. Despite what their name might suggest, these insects are quite common in North America, thanks to their introduction to the continent through shipping routes in the 17th and 18th centuries. They are the most common invasive species of cockroach in the world, so you need to arm your home with proper cockroach control methods. Keep these factors in mind in order to avoid the larger problems that roaches lead to. 

  • Identification: German cockroaches are noted for their dark dash marks on their backs, right behind their heads. They have wings but don’t use them to do much more than flutter. 
  • Access: Cockroaches can squeeze through incredibly tight spaces thanks to their ability to flatten their bodies. This also helps them survive attempts to crush them, but more importantly, it means that you need to address potential access points around your property.  
  • Prevention: The best way to keep invasive pests out of your home is with perimeter and structure treatments from professionals. 

For cockroach prevention you can rely on in Carrollton, turn to Quell Pest Control today. 

The Secret To Keeping Mosquitoes Away From Your Carrollton Yard

Mosquitoes are annoying pests, but they are also dangerous. In fact, mosquitoes are considered some of the most dangerous creatures globally, not for their biting but for the diseases that they can transmit through their feeding. From serious viruses to blood-borne parasites, mosquitoes are vectors for some of the nastiest illnesses known to humans. You should strive to keep your Carrollton yard free from these flying horrors by taking early action to reduce attractants and protect your property correctly. Here’s how: 

  • Landscaping: Yards with overgrown grass or large plants are most attractive to mosquitoes, which like to land and wait for someone to walk by to feed on them. 
  • Moisture Control: Mosquitoes require standing water to lay their egg clusters in, so yards with water features or puddles are also more attractive. 
  • Treatments: The best way to ward off biting pests is with professional-grade treatments all around your yard. The effective solutions at Quell Pest Control provide the best protection. 

Keep mosquitoes at bay by turning to Quell Pest Control today. 

All About The Little-Known Carrollton Earwig

As a kid, you might have grown up hearing stories – maybe from an older sibling or parent – about these terrifying, beetle-like insects called earwigs. These tiny pests can crawl into your ears, they’d say, and use their horrific pincers to dig straight to your brain!

This is all just to scare impressionable little kids, obviously. While common and gross-looking, Earwigs aren’t a danger to people and certainly don’t crawl inside of ears. Where that folktale comes from is anyone’s guess, but what we can assure you of is how annoying these invasive pests can be to have around your Carrollton property.

They can damage the decorative plants in your yard, and they can even get inside to contaminate food sources, just like other bugs. Then, when earwig populations take off, spiders and other pests that hunt them aren’t far off. To avoid this wave of pests, contact Quell Pest Control today and get started on a thorough inspection of your yard and treatments that prevent invasions entirely.