How To Deal With Ants In Your Queen Creek Home

ant on counter

Ants in your Queen Creek home can bring about several unpleasant problems that will only get worse the longer an infestation goes untreated. For effective ant control that eliminates any ant problem you may be experiencing, Queen Creek pest control has you covered.

Why Ants Invade Homes

In general, there are three main reasons why all types of Queen Creek ants may invade your home – easy access to food, water, and shelter. Having a large amount of these factors accessible for ants to scavenge, such as leaving food out constantly or having large gaps in windows and doors that are unaddressed, can lead to a significant infestation taking place in your home. It is essential to implement ant control in your house to reduce all of the factors that may be luring ants inside; this awareness is the best form of ant control in Queen Creek.

How Ants Get Into Homes

Because of their small size and tricky nature, ants can quickly enter homes through the cracks and gaps in windows, doors, and foundations. They may also infiltrate through any exterior door or window that you leave open or tunnel in through wood that touches the soil in your yard, though carpenter ants only do this behavior. 

Additionally, you should pay attention to any foliage or branches that hang over your home as ants can cross from these areas onto your roof and invade your home. Another major step in ant control in your house is trimming back overgrown branches and completely ant-proofing you're home. Pest control ant treatment provided by Quell Pest Control can help you.

Concerns About Ants

Though many individuals may see ants as no more than a nuisance pest, this insect can bring many serious problems into your home. We list the concerns that homeowners need to keep in mind when it comes to ant infestations below:

  • When ants scavenge for food, they walk through trash and other unhygienic areas, picking up bacteria and pathogens. They then move into your home, spreading these bacteria on surfaces and food storage areas, greatly increasing your risk of illness.
  • Ant bites may be harmless for the most part, but they are still itchy and somewhat painful to receive. They may also hold more risk for those with pre-existing allergies to insect or ant bites.
  • Ants that invade your home can cause significant damage, especially carpenter ants that will tunnel through internal wooden structures. Over time, ant infestations can lead to costly repairs.

And remember, ant pest control is the best way to eliminate an ongoing infestation of this pest and ensure you don’t have issues in the future.

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Ants

The best way to get rid of ants in Queen Creek is to contact the area’s best pest control company for ants, Quell Pest Control. The pest control ant treatment that Quell Pest Control provides can help identify the type of ant invading your home. Our specialists will then be able to initiate targeted, effective ant control around your property that eliminates infestations of this pest and protects your property from future ant problems.

For ant control in Queen Creek that you can trust, reach out to the professionals at Quell Pest Control today.