How To Get Rid Of Crickets In Your Queen Creek Home

cricket crawling on rock

There are some pests that you’ve probably seen inside your home or around your yard. Chances are, you’ve noticed a spider a time or two or seen a bee buzzing around. But, there are other pests in the area that you might not worry about or even consider. One of these is the cricket.

Crickets are a pest that you probably don’t notice at all until you hear their annoying chirping, but they are relatively common. They can also cause some property damage, so it’s worth taking time to learn about these pests and how to prevent them through Queen Creek pest control.

How To Identify A Cricket

The main thing most people know about crickets is the sound they make. House crickets are the main species in Arizona, and the males of this species will create a chirping noise to attract females by rubbing their front wings together. 

Besides hearing this incessant noise, you can also identify crickets by seeing them around. Crickets look somewhat like grasshoppers, although their legs aren’t as large. The house cricket has a light brown body and three dark bands on their heads. They are only about ¾ of an inch.

The Problems A Cricket Infestation Can Cause In Your House

Now that you know how to identify crickets, the next step in eliminating a cricket infestation is learning the risks they pose. The first issue that these pests cause is property damage. They are rather voracious eaters that will chew on fabrics, food items, and furniture. They can create quite a mess with the buildup of their droppings.

The other concern with crickets is their invasive nature and their noises. If they get into the house, they can make it difficult for you to sleep as they chirp throughout the night. They can also be challenging to control as they hide in many dark, out-of-sight areas.

The Secret To Getting Crickets Out Of Your House Fast!

If you suspect you are dealing with any type of crickets, whether the house cricket or a similar species, the best way to remove them is with professional pest control services. It can feel maddening to locate crickets and hear them chirping, only to have no success. So, don’t deal with these annoying pests on your own.

Instead, let the professional pest control experts at Quell Pest Control help. We have experience with many types of crickets in the area, and we can eradicate them and give you back your peace of mind.

Natural Ways To Prevent Crickets From Returning To Your House

The professionals at Quell Pest Control also offer ongoing cricket prevention plans, but you can help decrease the odds of an invasion, too, by implementing these few prevention measures:

  • Reduce moisture around your property by removing water-damaged wood, fixing leaky pipes, and reducing standing water.
  • Seal up entry points into the house by repairing broken screens and using caulk to fill holes in exterior walls.
  • Clean up clutter from around the yard, including organic debris like leaves and mulch.
  • Point outdoor lights away from doors and windows.

Get help with cricket problems today by giving Quell Pest Control a call.