How To Get Rid Of Rodents In Queen Creek Homes And Businesses


Humans and animals share two basic needs: food and shelter. Without securing these two things, life is tough. Animals have the same drive humans have when it comes to attaining these needs. As a result, our world often collides with theirs. A prevalent collision is rodents inviting themselves into our homes.

Rats and mice are the most common types of rodents found in the Queen Creek area. It is vital to prevent rats and mice from invading your home or business; however, if these rodents get into your property, you must act fast to get them out. To completely get rid of rodents, professional help is required, and the professionals at Quell Pest Control will be there when you need them.

Dangers Of Having A Rodent Invasion In Your Home Or Business

All rodents are dangerous. Rats and mice, the main Arizona rodents found in the Queen Creek area, are no exception and can bring on a plethora of problems:

  • Rats and mice spread dangerous diseases—such as dysentery and salmonellosis—through their droppings and saliva.
  • All rodents can contaminate food and surfaces inside any home or business.
  • Allergies can be triggered by their excrement and mere presence, causing runny noses, congestion, watery eyes, and skin rashes.
  • Rats and mice damage wires, pipes, and cables, causing water damage and creating fire hazards.
  • Rodents chew everything in sight, including furniture, stored clothes, plants, and crops. This behavior results in damaged lawn and farm equipment, as well as damaged vehicles in garages.

Rodents have a history of human dependency, and their need for food, water, and shelter naturally leads them to our homes and businesses. Stopping them from accessing these areas is crucial.

Preventing Rodent Infestations

Keeping rats and mice out of your home or business is easier than having to get rid of rodents after an infestation. It is better to be proactive when handling a potential rodent problem, so here are some rodent control measures you can take to prevent things from getting out of hand:

  • Check for gaps and cracks in your foundation, exterior walls, pipes, and vents, sealing any openings with caulk or steel wool.
  • Remove water sources by fixing leaky pipes, hoses, and air conditioners that drip.
  • Make sure to clean up and remove food from any outdoor eating areas.
  • All types of rodents love pet food, so try to avoid feeding your pets outdoors.
  • Keep trash in sealed containers and store them away from your house or business.
  • Enlist professional guidance since they are experts on the habits and behaviors of rodents.

All of the actions above may help you with your rodent problem, but calling the professionals at Quell Pest Control will put your home or business in the best hands.

Why Contacting Quell Pest Control Is The Best Solution

Quell Pest Control is a locally owned and operated pest control business. We have built a reputation for effective pest control that provides the results you need without risk to your loved ones. We provide eco-friendly pest control solutions in Queen Creek that guarantee your property, as well as your children and pets, remain protected.

Contact us today to discuss your pest control options, and let us eliminate those pesky Arizona rodents from your property so you can focus on the things that matter most in your life.