How To Effectively Keep Wolf Spiders Off Of Your Queen Creek Property


Imagine walking through your Queen Creek home on a dark, stormy night. The rain falls in sheets as you tidy up your children's toys and remnants of the day, and as you turn to retire to your bedroom, you freeze in silent horror – a rather large and intimidating spider rests between you and sweet slumber.

Chances are, this behemoth is a gentle, harmless wolf spider, but try telling that to your elevated heart rate! Even though the only threat they pose to you is a heart attack, you don't want to see them scampering around your home, so how do you keep them out?

Wolf Spiders In Queen Creek: Appearance & Interesting Facts

Measuring in at two inches long, legs included, the wolf spider is an absolute beast of an arachnid. It has a brown body and legs, has dark stripes running down its back, and is covered in a fine dusting of hairs. This spider is very commonly mistaken for a brown recluse, even though the two look nothing alike.

In fact, among all their differences in appearance, the most striking one is that wolf spiders are much larger than brown recluses. These spiders can also be found all over the United States, which is another thing that can't be said of brown recluses.

The truth is, though, wolf spiders don't want to be inside your Queen Creek home. They prefer being outside where they can chase down their prey with reckless abandon, but on occasion, they'll find themselves behind closed doors. The most common reason is extreme weather, such as torrential downpours and cold snaps, but occasionally they can be brought inside with firewood, stored boxes, and furniture that's been left outside for too long.

Once they're inside, if they can find a sustainable food source that is, you might have a tough time finding them:

  • In the back of closets and cabinets
  • Basement
  • Near doors and windows
  • Within houseplants
  • Garage
  • Behind boxes

How To Prevent Wolf Spiders From Invading Your Queen Creek Home

Since wolf spiders don't want to live indoors, protecting your Queen Creek home from these unexpected visitors should be relatively easy. You have to make sure there aren't any entry points or other underlying pest problems:

  • Repair any gaps and cracks around the exterior of your home; foundation, siding, exposed wood, around pipes and wires, roof, and trim.
  • Replace worn-down insulation around doors and windows.
  • Address any moisture issues around your home, like leaky pipes or moisture-retaining rooms.
  • Invest in a dehumidifier for rooms like the kitchen, bathroom, basement, and laundry room.
  • Sweep, mop, and vacuum regularly.
  • Keep tight-fitting lids on all trash cans.
  • Store dried foods in airtight containers.
  • Never leave food sitting out overnight.
  • Check anything and everything that's been stored outside or in storage units before bringing them inside.
  • Install door sweeps to the bottom of exterior doors.

How To Handle A Wolf Spider Infestation In Your Queen Creek Home

If you discover a substantial population of wolf spiders in your Queen Creek home, don't try to get rid of them on your own. Not only are spiders tough to exterminate, but there's probably another undiscovered infestation that you don't know about as well.

The only way to get to the root of the problem is with professional assistance, and there isn't a better company around than Quell Pest Control. Our company was founded with the sole purpose of providing effective, affordable, eco-friendly pest control.

With the use of Integrated Pest Management solutions and the highest quality green pest control products, we make sure your home and property stay pest-free while keeping you, your family, and the environment safe from harmful chemicals. You shouldn't live in fear of spiders crawling out of your closets. Get in contact with us today, and let us help you find the best solutions you deserve!