How To Keep Wasps Away From Your Queen Creek Property

Wasp nest

Queen Creek is a wonderful area where people can enjoy the comforts of the country but still be within reach of the big city lights of Phoenix. It may seem like the city is where everything exciting and interesting happens, but the lure of the wide-open spaces and a slower pace of life never loses its appeal. People are not the only ones who love the appeal of the country, wasps find it exceptional as well.

3 Common Wasps In Queen Creek & Their Dangers

There are three common wasp species in the Queen Creek area. Residents should recognize them and be familiar with their nesting habits. Because wasps can be quite dangerous, property owners need to take a proactive approach to prevent these pests from taking up residence.

Wasps in the area are as follows:

  • Yellow Jacket Wasp: Slightly larger than a bee, this carnivorous wasp is black and yellow with distinct black antennae. They build paper nests similar to hornets, but unlike the paper wasp, the nest is completely enclosed except for an entrance hole. Nests can be in the ground, within logs, on landscape timbers, on buildings, on walls, or in an attic.
  • Black and Yellow Mud Dauber: With a long, narrow body and needle-thin waist, this wasp also sports a black body with yellow markings. It builds multiple cylindrical cells plastered over with mud to form a smooth mud nest about the size of a fist. Nests can be under bridges or rocks, along exposed beams of abandoned buildings or barns, in garages, attics, and outdoor picnic areas.
  • Paper Wasp: Having a similar body shape to the yellow jacket with a slimmer waist, the paper wasp is mostly brown with some yellow coloration. Some paper wasps have different bands of color and markings that separate them from one another; some with bolder/brighter colors. They build a paper-like, umbrella-shaped nest that hangs downward with a single tier of hexagonal-shaped cells. Nests are often found hanging from objects like twigs, branches of trees and shrubs, porch ceilings, the top of window and doorframes, soffits, eaves, attic rafters, deck floor joists, railings, and more.

Little-Known Ways Wasps Are Attracted To Your Queen Creek Yard

Wasps are attracted to yards by things that appeal to them. Typically, they are looking for warm spots to build their nests, but there are additional things that lure them to your yard.

Other attractive options for a wasp are as follows:

  • Safe refuge
  • Certain plants like sweet fennel, Queen Anne’s lace, yarrow, and spearmint
  • Insect availability
  • Flowers
  • Ripe and fallen fruits
  • Leftover meats
  • Sweets like sugary drinks and food

How To Reduce/Eliminate Wasps From Your Queen Creek Yard

The best way to prevent wasp infestations is to make your home less attractive to them. Multiple tips can assist property owners in reducing or eliminating wasp nests, such as:

  • Seal cracks, crevices, and gaps using silicone-based caulk.
  • Fill in holes in your yard.
  • Plant less wasp-friendly plants and foliage.
  • Reduce harboring places for wasps to build nests.
  • Repair tears in screens.
  • Keep food covered especially when outdoors.
  • Secure outside trash cans.

The Best Solution To Your Queen Creek Wasp Problem

Whether a nest is in the ground or the air, it is dangerous. Attempting to remove a nest on your own can be painful and result in a hospital visit. Quell Pest Control is locally owned and operated, and we care about the safety of our East Valley residents. Call Quell Pest Control today for advice or assistance in removing these nuisance pests. Our professionals would be happy to advise or assist you in the best way to remove these dangerous pests from your Queen Creek property. Call Quell Pest today for peace of mind.