Apache Junction, AZ Pest Control

Apache Junction, AZ Pest Control

Trusted Pest Solutions In Apache Junction, AZ

Beautiful weather, and an endless expanse of outdoors to explore. What’s not to love about Apache Junction? Residents and visitors alike know that Apache Junction is one of the best places to live in Arizona, providing a historic feel and plenty of adventure.

While Apache Junction may be a great place to live, it isn’t without problems. One of those problems is pests. Fortunately, at Quell Pest Control, we are here to take care of that problem for you. We are a family-run business that is locally owned and operated. We take care of our clients, because they are also our neighbors. Call us today to learn about our pest control offerings and customer first approach.

Home Pest Control In Apache Junction, AZ

Your home is your refuge, your place of peace. It is where you go to relax after a long day and make memories with your family and friends. Nothing can ruin those good times faster than a pest problem.

At Quell Pest Control, we take pride in making sure our community is protected from the pests that call our area home. We will thoroughly inspect your property and build a pest control plan that keeps your home protected. We use environmentally friendly pest control solutions that are guaranteed to be safe for your whole family, including pets.

If you have a pest problem in your home or want to prevent pests from being an issue in the future, call us today and let us get to work for you. 

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Things You Should Know About Ants In Apache Junction

Ants are both common and versatile pests in Arizona. While some species like pavement ants or odorous house ants are mainly just a nuisance, all ants should be treated as a major issue as they contaminate food and their populations can quickly grow out of control.

Some ants carry additional risks. Fire ants are common pests in Apache Junction. They are aggressive and often swarm unlucky victims inflicting painful and repeated stings. Crazy ants have an inexplicable affinity for electronic devices. Their presence can lead to short circuits or other damage to equipment.

Finally carpenter ants tunnel through to build their nests and can spell trouble for your home’s structure. For help with ant control, or to keep them from invading in the first place, contact Quell Pest Control today. 

Three Easy Mosquito Prevention Tips For Apache Junction Homeowners

As soon as you hear them buzzing around, you run for cover. Mosquitoes are a pest that can quickly ruin any outdoor event. Not only that, but they can also spread diseases like West Nile virus and malaria. While there is no substitute for professional pest control, there are things you can do to keep mosquitoes from ruining your outdoor time.

Here are three tips to prevent mosquitoes around your home:

  1. Limit standing water. Mosquitoes need water to breed. Removing standing water from your property in areas like kiddie pools, bird baths, flower pots, and empty tires can eliminate their ability to breed and keep the population under control.
  2. If you are going to have an outdoor event, use fans to keep mosquitoes away. They are not strong fliers, so small fans will drive them away.
  3. Mosquitoes are most active at dawn and dusk. If possible, avoid being outside during these times. If you have to be outside, wear light-colored clothing and use mosquito repellent.

If you have a mosquito problem that is keeping you inside on beautiful Apache Junction days, call us today. We can work with you to eliminate the mosquitoes on your property and let you get back to enjoying your time outside with family and friends.

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