All The Ways You Attract Wasps To Your Queen Creek Yard

All The Ways You Attract Wasps To Your Queen Creek Yard

When you go out to tend your landscaping and discover that there are dozens of tiny yellow jackets buzzing around near a ground hole, it can be more than a little bit unsettling. Yellow jackets can be aggressive little pests. It is unlikely that they're going to leave you alone as you try to trim your shrubs and keep things looking neat. This is one of the many ways you can discover wasps in your Queen Creek yard. But, why do wasps move in? Do they just naturally encroach, or is there something special about your property that attracts them? This is what we're going to explore today. Here are all the ways you could attract wasps to your Queen Creek yard.


This one is obvious. Wasps feed on the nectar of flowers. If you have lots of flowers and flowering plants on your property, you shouldn't be surprised when you attract the attention of wasps. Sometimes, Queen Creek homeowners invite wasps without planting a single flower or flowering plant. There are several weeds that can produce flowers. When weeds get into your landscaping, or spread through your lawn, this can be a catalyst for wasp problems. The secret to preventing this is to stay on top of pre-emergent and post-emergent weed control.

Sweet Water

Wasps aren't just interested in nectar; they'll drink any sweet liquid you offer them. There are many ways that you can do this by accident. Here are a few to consider:

  • A soda bottle or can left outside on your deck.
  • A cup with a little juice in the bottom left by your kids in the backyard.
  • The sweet sugar water in a hummingbird feeder.


Wasps don't just drink sweet water. They'll be happy to drink from any water source. If you have moisture issues, you could attract wasps. Here are a few ways water can be made available to wasps:

  • A clogged or broken gutter can cause the ground next to your home to become oversaturated.
  • Poor gradation or compacted soil can cause rainwater to collect.
  • Leaf litter can capture rainwater if the layer is thick enough.
  • Objects left out in the yard can capture rainwater.


Wasps collect tiny nibbles from fruits that fall to the ground. They don't care that it is rotting. In fact, rotting fruit has a stronger odor and will attract the attention of wasps. If you have fruit-bearing trees, it is essential to stay on top of clean-up. It's also a good idea to avoid walking barefoot around fruit trees.


When aphids, scale insects, white flies, or some other plant-damaging pests get into your landscaping, they can leave droplets of sweet liquid on leaves and stems. This liquid is called honeydew, and wasps absolutely love it. You can work to prevent honeydew by keeping your plants as healthy as possible. A healthy plant is more resistant to insects, like the aphid. Another helpful deterrent is to keep from overfertilizing your plants. But at the end of the day, monitoring your plants closely and washing aphids off is the primary way to naturally avoid issues.  


Wasps don't just eat sweets. They also eat meats. There are many sources of protein that can attract wasps to your yard. The most important to consider is pest populations. Wasps feed on spiders, centipedes, and other critters that explore your landscaping and perimeter. All protein sources need to be considered if you want to keep wasps away. 

  • Refrain from feeding pets outside. 
  • Clean up after cookouts. 
  • Address any dead wildlife on your property.
  • And, of course, consider investing in a residential pest control service to address those spiders, centipedes, and other critters.  


Wasps can find sweets and meats in a trash receptacle. If your garbage is not covered, you'll be ringing the dinner bell for wasps. It is also important to keep your receptacles free of strong odors. The odor is what initially attracts the wasps.


Some wasp species create aerial nests. If you provide ideal harborage options, they may take you up on your offer. While these wasps can create a nest under any roofline, rooflines that offer protective troughs could be more interesting, such as the roof on a shed. Wasps may also find the roof of an open porch an ideal location to get out of the weather. An application of window screen material can prevent this.

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Proactive Wasp Prevention

Now that you know what attracts wasps, let's talk about the best way to keep wasps from establishing nests on your property. When you invest in year-round residential pest control for your Queen Creek property, you get routine treatments that reduce plant-damaging insects and the honeydew they produce.

You also get a reduction of insects and bugs as a source of protein for wasps, and you get routine inspections. If a wasps' nest is found, your technician will address the issue promptly and proactively. Reach out to Quell Pest Control to learn more about the many benefits of investing in residential pest control service.

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