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Ahwatukee, AZ

Effective Pest Control In Ahwatukee, AZ

Described as one of Phoenix's 'urban villages,' the town of Ahwatukee is south of the capital city. Ahwatukee was once an ancient Crow hunting ground at the foot of the South Mountain, which continues to provide bountiful exposure to the outdoors. Unfortunately, this bounty also gives rise to an undesirable number of pests. Insects, mammals, and other vermin species seem to run rampant around Ahwatukee and its residential homes. 

Quell Pest Control is a locally owned and family operated company that specializes in treating harmful pest activity. Top-of-the-line products and Integrated Pest Management solutions are constantly working together to control and mitigate troublesome pests. We have designed every one of our treatments to serve you as thoroughly as possible, from residential control programs to customized mitigation plans. Call today and see how our solutions could best fit your future. We can't wait to make a difference in your pest control routine.

Home Pest Control In Ahwatukee, AZ

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When it comes to protecting your Ahwatukee home from pests, there's a big difference between 'good' and 'great.' While 'good' pest control plans might take care of pest problems as they arise, 'great' plans will stop pests long before they ever reach your property. 

The team at Quell Pest Control harnesses three simple steps in the pest control process: 

  1. We inspect your home for signs of pest activity on a regular basis. If any signs point towards the slightest hint of their presence, our team will spring into action. 

  2. Quell Pest Control has made a promise to treat our customers with the highest amount of respect and discretion. Each of our treatment plans is completed quickly, safely, and at a time convenient to you. 

  3. Our team continues to follow up with you and your family after the first servicing, ensuring that all is as it should be. 

Book a residential pest management plan with the team at Quell Pest Control today.

Ahwatukee's Guide To Effective Mosquito Management

Here in Ahwatukee, mosquitoes are increasingly common pests around residential yards. Although their presence may not come as a surprise to you, their potentially dangerous effects certainly might. In fact, mosquitoes are some of the most dangerous creatures in the world. A single mosquito bite has the potential to spread bacteria, viruses, and even certain parasite eggs. The following is a list of the most documented mosquito-borne illnesses:

  • Zika virus and malaria (rare traveler's illnesses) 

  • West Nile virus 

  • Dengue 

  • Chikungunya 

  • Yellow fever 

  • Encephalitis 

  • Tularemia 

In order to get the best and most effective mosquito management in Queen Creek, contact the team at Quell Pest Control for a free estimate. Our mosquito abatement services have earned the trust of dozens of homeowners in the Ahwatukee area.

Why Do I Have Earwigs In My Ahwatukee Home?

Some pests are dangerous, some pests are destructive, and some pests are simply harmless backyard insects. In this category lies the humble earwig, an unpopular and grossly misunderstood household pest. Earwigs are attracted to high levels of moisture and damp detritus located inside and outside the house. While they don't crawl into your ears or lay eggs on your brain, they are certainly disconcerting pests to have around at any time. They may have found their way into your Ahwatukee home by:

  • Sneaking through small cracks or gaps around the house. 

  • Hitchhiking their way inside on potted plants, tools, or firewood logs. 

  • Crawling into the house via drains, pipes, sewers, or other open faucets. 

If you are concerned about where, when, or how earwigs are making their way into your Ahwatukee home, you are not alone. The professional team at Quell Pest Control has everything you need to stop earwig infestations in their tracks. Learn more about professional earwig control by completing our online contact form.

German Cockroach Control: Five Tips For Homeowners In Ahwatukee

If you are suffering from a potential German cockroach problem near Ahwatukee, here are five simple tips for controlling their invasion:

  1. Control the amount of garbage both inside and outside the home. Do what you can to store all trash inside strong airtight containers. Remove filled trash bags from your house at least once per week. 

  2. Perform a deep cleaning of the home at least once per quarter (every three months). Pay special attention to the areas underneath heavy appliances, drawers, and cupboards. 

  3. Reduce the amount of moisture in the home with a dehumidifier. 

  4. Eliminate dirty dishes and excess food. 

  5. Contact professional cockroach exterminators for year-round insect protection. 

Chat online with the team at Quell Pest Control to schedule your initial German cockroach inspection. We're looking forward to serving you!

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